Brazil’s Economic Growth and the Maritime Sector

With natural attractive conditions conditions for the marine industry, Brazil had 2 main factors that bounded the develop of the sector until 2007: the tax system and the lack of appropriate infrastructure. Following the approval of the plan to accelerate internal growth, new policies that benefits private investors reducing taxation and bureaucratic barriers are being implemented. Also the country infrastructure is being reinforced with actions in logistic, energy and social or urban structures. Roads and rail system are being drastically implemented, in an effort to connect the inside country with the natural ports and harbors on the coast. This effort is related mainly to the necessity of connecting the yields to the shipping facility, however creates a world of opportunities to explore the brazilian abundance in mineral, including hydrocarbons for the Yacht industry. The high costs of transportation will be slashed, and opportunities in the Yacht

construction industry will become even more attractive in the end of the implementation. Adding to the scene the new Pre-salt oil reserves, the commitment with social development, sustainability, qualified work force and the potential of the maritime tourism, Brazil is a market aiming to receive new investments and ready to repay with real opportunities.

written by Ana Biavatti for Rodriquez Consulting Ltd

Date: December 22, 2008