At Rodriquez Consulting we have a core team of founding partners and a large network of associates who specialise in design, marketing, research, training, brokerage, management consulting and last but not least sales. However, because of the international nature of the Yachting and Marine industry we are always looking to extend our geographical reach, and increase the quality by expanding the range of services, and or propose them in a language we don’t currently cover. Please select one of the following sections. If you have a great idea/software/product for the industry that you are working on we would love to hear from you. We enjoy and work well with entrepreneurial individuals and we are always open to the innovative ideas products, thus, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us.

I am a Yacht Designer

I am a Marketer or Sales Pro

I am a Naval Engineer

I am a Researcher or Analyst

I have an idea

I have a project or a patent