Brazil Emerging Market

Investing in Brazil: Overview

Since 2007, the Brazilian Government has worked to set the country as a leader in regional and international integration, promoting diplomatic meetings and mediating South American controversies. In the economic sphere, the objective has been to improve the macroeconomic stability and international credit. Brazil objectives are to abandon the condition of an emerging market to consolidate its position of credible international interlocutor. In order to reach this objective, in april 2007 it was approved the “PAC” – Plano de Aceleração do Crescimento – a plan to accelerate the country’s growth focused on internal infrastructure, enforcing investments and rebuilding the fiscal system. The results could be seen in the end of 2007: PIL of 1.323 billion dollars and 10th player among the world economies, according to the the World Bank. For the second year sustaining a real growth rate of 5%, Brazil is facing the actual world crisis serenely, investing in sustainable projects and attracting more foreign investors than ever

written by Ana Biavatti for Rodirquez Consulting

Date: December 22, 2008