Hydrofoil Superyacht​? The birth of The Hyper Yacht

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The StoryI could hardly say a hydrofoil superyacht is 'nothing personal' it is instead very personal. My name is Leopoldo Rodriquez and I feel privileged to say I grew up on Hydrofoils, or 'Aliscafi' as we call them in Italian, as my grandfather…
How to set-up a Yacht Charter Business

How To set-up a successful yacht charter company

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Yes! After many years we have finally given up to the dozens of requests we have received to build a comprehensive guide on How To set-up a successful yacht charter company and build your own charter business. Today, much more than…
New Foiling boat - The Flying Mantis

New Foiling Boat - The Flying Mantis - 2018 London Boatshow

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We always get quite excited about a new foiling boat being presented for the first time. We all know how successful the Moths have been in introducing a relatively large number of sailors to foil-sailing (or foiling). What it was missing was…
Save your skin: Corporate David vs Goliath started by Nivea-giant Beiersdorf agaist Aethic Sunscreen

Save your skin: Corporate David vs Goliath started by Nivea-giant Beiersdorf agaist Aethic Eco-compatible Sunscreen

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Sailing sustainably has become quite the thing. No surprise then when Sir Ben Ainslie’s America’s Cup team, LandRover BAR, selected Aethic as its official sunscreen supplier.Here is a company that tested candidate ingredients on coral…

Under-construction: Alurib Tender + foils

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Currently under construction and for sale is the Alurib tender.This is a very peculiar vessel that can be used like a normal leisure RIB or for more heavy duty uses at diving schools, marine research expeditions, and military applications. One…
World Production Of Yacht 2017

19%-20% Growth Projected for the 2017 Global Yachting Industry

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Whereas the total growth of Luxury goods in 2016 grew only of 4% according to Bain and Co.. Preliminary estimates we are making see the growth of the global yachting industry at 19-20% for 2017 and we believe it is very likely, given the general…
Yacht Charter Business Plan

The Yacht Charter Business Plan - Now Available for Download -

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Planning to buy a yacht to start yacht/boat charter business can be very tricky. There is hardly a one-size-fits-all solution. For this reason we have created a Guide on how to choose your boat (Read this article) and if you want to crunch…
Aicon Yachts bankruptcy auction; new yachts at 90% less - Auction

UPDATE: Aicon Yachts bankruptcy auction - new yachts at 90% less - Auction

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UPDATE: The live auctions are starting again as of Sept 2017 - Our company is bringing forward several clients offer if you would like to join our clients please contact us and save thousands in valuation cost, legal costs, translations, logistics,…
Quadrofoil- electric hydrofoil

New trends in yacht building: Hydrofoils

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Thanks to the Americas Cup and the associated media exposure, it seems that ,at last, the world of leisure boats and yachting is ready to start considering hydrofoil technology as a viable technology. We could not be happier as the Rodriquez…

Upyacht; finally a yacht sharing membership company that makes sense

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In the world of the sharing economy some companies have come out trying to shake up the yachting industry but in our view all of them have not really cracked the fundamentals that would really enable them to do so.A lot of the companies…

Superyacht Interior international conference in Hamburg calls Leopoldo Rodriquez as opening speaker

On June 30th 2015 in Hamburg, Germany, our managing director Leopoldo Rodriquez will be the opening speaker and co-chairman of the Superyacht Interior international conference. He was asked to speak about the future of the superyacht industry,…
Nena 36m Akhir Yacht

Our client Yacht Nation sold 36m superyacht from Cantieri Di Pisa

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We are delighted to announce that our client the new brokerage firm Yacht Nation has been successful in finding a buyer for the super yacht Nena built by Cantieri di Pisa as reported by Boat International in this article.The sale of 36m…