Aicon Yachts bankruptcy auction; new yachts at 90% less - Auction

UPDATE Nov-Dec 2019: Aicon Yachts bankruptcy auction – new yachts at 90% less

UPDATE: We have just received the updated list of vessels still…
October 29, 2019/by Rodriquez Consulting

Hydrofoil Superyacht​? The birth of The Hyper Yacht

The Story

I could hardly say a hydrofoil superyacht is 'nothing…
April 5, 2019/by Rodriquez Consulting
Sail Yacht McGregor 65

Can Investing in Yacht Charter be profitable today? Yacht Charter Market Analysis

In the last 15 years at Rodriquez Consulting we have served a…
February 5, 2019/by Rodriquez Consulting
Morgan Yachts 33

Off-market exclusive Morgan Yachts 33 (ex demo boat) unregistered 50% off RRP – CONTACT US NOW –

In full preparation for the high season, we received a phone…
June 11, 2018/by Rodriquez Consulting
Boatrax Boat tracker

Boat Tracker on Kickstarter – Say goodbye to wild crew joyrides –

In brief this might be the tech that peer 2 peer boat rental…
April 6, 2018/by Rodriquez Consulting
Hybrid boats Ethos EC 30

Hybrid Boats: Modular versatile layouts and impressive fuel efficiency for work and pleasure – OPPORTUNITY

There are quite a few hybrid boats out there that are aiming…
March 13, 2018/by Rodriquez Consulting
Eldorado ON Auction Soon

AUCTION STARTED: Tallship Eldorado – Unique Yacht Charter Business opportunity

Tallship Eldorado Auction Started.
This Dutch build modern…
February 28, 2018/by Rodriquez Consulting
Airbnb of Yachting

Why will the Airbnbs of yachting improve boat ownership as well?

We live in the sharing economy. Aside from the famous Airbnb,…
February 9, 2018/by Rodriquez Consulting
Northern Marine 78

NOW SOLD: Less then 4 hours to go to win the auction 70% off Northern Marine 78

In less than 4 hours this vessel will be sold for ONE third…
January 31, 2018/by Rodriquez Consulting
Holterman Infinity 501 from the top

AUCTION Extended! REGISTER NOW – 70% off valuation – Full aluminium Infinity 50Ft

UPDATE: Auctions dates have been extended!
Another great off-market…
January 30, 2018/by Rodriquez Consulting

Less than £100k to acquire a UK national importance vessel – Sailing Yacht “Sails of Dawn”

We recently found out this magnificent classic 57 feet Laurent…
January 5, 2018/by Rodriquez Consulting

Off-market Opportunity 40% off brand new Abacus 78 feet Flybridge Yacht for sale

It's very nice to have a solid network of relationships with…
December 20, 2017/by Rodriquez Consulting

Marine and Yacht Investment Opportunities

for seasoned professionals and first timers

At Rodriquez Consulting we are heavily involved in a wide variety of projects in the yacht and marine industry, therefore, we have access to off-market and public Marine and Yacht and Investment Opportunities. As you would expect these are all marine and yacht business and financial investment opportunities

related to either the commercial marine sector or private/leisure marine industry (yacht).  Our approach, as shown in the content of this page, is to point out market news that create or relate to interesting marine business opportunities we simply are aware of at an early stage, or identify among our clients and large network the right marine business investment opportunity or a financial investment opportunity within the marine industry that suits your need and that has been appropriately pre-screened by our multidisciplinary team of experts.

Please note: pre screening an opportunity that comes from our network doesn’t not imply a full due diligence unless specified. Our screening process of opportunities mainly implies vetting the people behind it and the market opportunity and the general financials.

Only when the opportunity is presented by Rodriquez Consulting directly it relates to a direct client and it might have been gone through full due diligence already or this can be requested by the client or the interested investment party.

If the nature of your interest is that of a prospective boat/yacht owner regardless and the marine industry is not your primary source of income regardless of the size of the vessel you might appreciate our selection of vessels to refit (project boats) or distressed assets yachts that go for auction or new projects to be built that require a client/investor for the 1st unit.

If instead you are a private client and have already identified your type of yacht or a specific unit and you would like to request our technical,legal, or a simple consultation on whether that specific unit or type is suitable for you we will be able to help you and we encourage you to let us know the type of support you need.

If you have interest in this industry or are you simply like boats and want to stay afloat also financially this section of the website is for you. Below you will find the area that is most suitable to your need, idea, budget and investment style.

I am a private Investor or Prospective Yacht Owner

I represent a company in the marine industry or a fund exploring opportunities in the Marine Industry

In some of our News you might find an interesting business opportunity

Please note that these are not pre-screened opportunities they are simply news from our clients and contact network where you could find a business opportunity depending on your interest.

Aicon Yachts bankruptcy auction; new yachts at 90% less - Auction

UPDATE: We have just received the updated list of vessels still available for auction NOW:  Contact us via phone, email or livechat to know more about how to participate or to budget the construction completion of one or more of these partly completed yachts — To access the imagaes of each individual yacht please contact […]

Sail Yacht McGregor 65

In the last 15 years at Rodriquez Consulting we have served a variety of yacht charter companies and private owners who were keen on chartering their yachts. More often than we would expect we get asked the usual questions: Is yacht charter profitable and/or is it a good business to get in? or Can investing in yacht […]