Yacht Market Research 2013 – 2014

Super Yacht Roberto Cavalli

Although we are only at the very beggining of 2014 at Rodriquez Consulting we have been working on a new comprehensive Yacht Market Research 2013-2014. Thanks to the requests that came from several new Yachting industry players and private equity funds willing to invest in the industry on its way to regaining strenght and competitiveness, RC decided to start the works on a new research and related forecasts for 2016. At Rodriquez Consulting we can confidendtly say that we have a track record of supplying reliable data and most importantly solid forecasts thanks to our team experience in the industry which exceeds 100 years in total.

Some highlights of the main topics of the research:

Current market size
Sizing and trends of the last ten years, segmented by geographical area, yacht types (sail, motor, flybridge open etc), and length range : Volume, Value and Average prices
SuperYacht Focus
SuperYachts Specific Focus: building technologies segmentation, hull shapes, materials and production approach (custom steel construction VS fiberglass semi custom construction)
Geography and Market Forecasts
Size segmentation and geographic segmentation Yacht Market Forecasts 2016: Geographical areas, Yacht Sizes and Types
The Yacht Service Market
Sizing and Trends by business lines (e.g.: refit vs maintenance) competitive landscape of the Yacht Service Market main players by geographical area
Yacht Charter Industry
Yacht Charter Industry segmented into type yachts and sizes by geographical area of interest, plus trends and forecasts by geographical area

At Rodriquez Consulting we usually tailor our research material to our client specific business focus, please contact us for more information: Market@RodriquezConsulting.com