When useless actually means cool Rolls Royce is usually involved

Aeroboat S6 concept - Rolls Royce + Claydon Reeves

We are not going to apologise for the statement in the title because we actually meant it as a compliment. We hope the folks at Rolls Royce have not lost their sense of humor.


Here we are, when useless means cool for a reason or the other the brand Rolls Royce is there, it does not surprise us at all, that such a cool boat [and and even cooler trailer was put together to announce the Aeroboat project powered by Rolls Royce and designed by CLAYDON REEVES

Inspired by vessels employed during WW2 this surface drive speed boat with a bit of a lake boat [Riva] flair to it is just a useless super elegant way to buy an object that says ‘I BOUGHT IT BECAUSE I CAN”. The design indeed is not made to make the most out of the living space the boat could offer to its guests.