HNWI lead generation

Generating new client leads within HNWIs and especially V-HNWIs and U-HNWIs can be extremely challenging. Indeed, we all know it’s hard to cold call someone who has a high net worth. These are sophisticated buyers but they are not always the same people one could expect as for the Billionaire category   . As a matter of fact sometime being the first to approach a client who just recently entered the HNWI category or that recently became wealthier can be the key to successfully gain a relationship which will lead to a future sale.

At Rodriquez Consulting we tried and tested a variety of tool, strategies and tactics from the most typical ones to more sophisticated ones and when we landed on Wealth Monitor in its early stages we were immediately impressed with its potential.

Today RC is a proud to be able to offer Wealth Monitor to its clients and build further dedicated services of Marketing Strategy Planning and Execution Support on top of the valuable data Wealth Monitors provides and refines everyday.

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