You may have heard of it or not but if you are intrigued by water toys this is the king of them all well over $100,000 for a new one. The Seabreacher is the only mechanical dolphin made for 2 passengers there is out there that we know off.

We never heard anybody saying how boring it is, and although we realise it might not exactly be what you would define ‘useful’, it surely is a LOT of fun to play with. It’s also very rare to come by so in our view a very good toy to rent out if you are running charter operations.

It’s on all American product that doesn’t really have any competitors and truly packs up a lot of hydrodynamic smart engineering. See more at

The specs and details of the unit that is going to be up for aucti0n:


Model: Seabreacher Z
Length (m):5.08 m
Width (m): 1.06 m
Draft max (m): 0.50 m
Cabins 1 – 2 seats
Hull material: GRP (Polyester)
Year built: 2018
Number of engines :1
Brand:Rotax 300 hp 300.00
Fuel: petrol
Seabreacher for sale on auction Seabreacher for sale

Contact us if you would like to present an offer: – Auction starts at €25’000