Every once in a while an outstanding sailing vessel rather than a motor yacht appears on our desks. There is a handful of shipyards we hold in very high esteem and Oyster Yacht is doubtlessly in that small circle.

Oyster Yacht could be the “Bentley” of sailing yachts

Oyster Yacht 68hp Layout

The Oyster 68hp Layout

It is only natural that Oyster yachts usually hold their value very well on the used market, thus, this very Oyster yacht with a brand new engine only installed in 2017 under 100 hours (not too long after one of the owners sadly passed away ) is a unique opportunity to acquire a state-of-the-art well maintained vessel for a very reasonable price. Oyster Yacht 68hp for sale

Oyster yacht 68 for sale



All-Weather Yachts

Oyster Yachts are all-weather yachts capable of enjoying the summer in the Mediterranean but also to comfortably cross the Atlantic for an extended season in Caribbean waters. Established in 1973 by Richard Matthews and currently based in Southampton, UK, the boat builder has always distinguished itself for sturdy all-weather blue cruisers that can are comfortable and safe to sail. To date Oyster Yachts has delivered over 750 vessels to the proud owners. Oyster Yacht is currently owned and as of  the 20th of March 2018 by entrepreneur Richard Hadida. Call +44 7445 30 8622 for more info