Sovereign Funds and Yacht Manufacturers

Some insiders and probably most of the outsiders still consider boat building a hobby or a pure-passion venture. Although it is still like that for some boat builders, (and we are grateful for high quality unique vessels that often catch our eyes in the most unexpected bays) it isn’t anymore for those who are eyed or acquired by private equity funds and certainly it is not like that for those who are targeted by sovereign funds. Traditionally, sovereign funds operate on regulated markets such as the one for energy, commodities. In other cases at least a strategic investment approach which grants their[sovereign funds] country of origin some extra weight on the international political arena.

A few of years ago it was the turn of a minority stake of an Italian private aircraft manufacturer, then a very famous sports car manufacturer (F) and now these funds are looking at yacht builders. Specifically, a 625 billion-fund, namely Abu Dhabi Investment Authority, should be interested in some ’shopping’ among Italian well known Yacht builders.

Rodriquez Consulting ltd. is indeed available to all interested managers for a strategic analysis of any targeted company operating in the marittime industry, alternatively to identify feasible potential targets as well as to provide ‘ad hoc’ international market forecasts. Therefore, RC invites managers related to State General funds of Oman, Istithmar-Dubai, Kuwait Investment authority, Qatar investment authority, Dubai International Capital, National Fund Kazakhstan, Khazanah national of Malesia, China Investment Corporation and all their private equity divisions and subsidiaries to contact us for more