Do you need new clients or more sales ?

Want to sell more boats, supplies or services to existing yachts ?

Below you will find a few tools we have selected – 3 cost efficient tools for businesses in the marine and yachting industry


A dynamic tool that monitors liquidity events generating profiles of High Net Worth Individuals to market to

Wealth Monitor was created by a team of Financial Times journalists who were used to monitor liquidity events. Wealthmonitor helps organizations to connect with high net worth individuals (HNWIs).

This powerful online research tool gives you the insights you need to identify and target new and existing High Net Worth clients for prospecting and networking.

Wealthmonitor’s proprietary intelligence about current and potential liquidity events helps the user to highlight the shareholders, beneficiaries and entrepreneurs who will increase their wealth - or become HNWIs for the first time.

Information about individuals includes:
· Estimated Total Wealth
· Potential New Wealth
· Connections with other HNWI’s
· Advisor community, Contacts & Networking
· Educational background and interests
· Contact details and e-mail addresses

Wealth Monitor dynamic database covers currently over 160,000 individuals with a total estimated wealth of EUR 1.25tr and prospective wealth of EUR 3tr. Wealthmonitor is compiled by a global team of 400 journalists and 50 researches who add 2,700 dossiers to the dymanic database each month, updating the profiles and contact information of each HNWI. The forward-looking intelligence in Wealthmonitor helps you build a detailed picture of HNWIs and individuals who are due to benefit from liquidity events.

Liquidity Events
Intelligence on over 495,000 Liquidity Events (over 43,000 YTD) generated by a dedicated team of journalists and researchers reporting the strategic intentions of public and private companies, including:
Growth initiatives
IPO Plans
M&A (companies looking to sell or considered targets)
Succession issues
Directors dealings
Company Shareholders
Contact details and background information on over 160,000 shareholders who have or are in a position to exercise their holdings. Search by level of wealth, geography or personal criteria such as age, nationality and interests.
Company Executives
Biographical information on over 540,000 corporate owners, entrepreneurs and executives. Search by country, region, title, estimated compensation and stock holdings.

Historical Deals
Details on over 116,000 announced M&A transactions, including private equity-related activity (current portfolio, historical and potential investments/exits) and advisory relationships.
Advisor Relations
A network of over 90,000 advisory firms servicing HNWIs including financial, legal, accounting and PR firms.

Search by advisor name, type and region.

Company Profiles
Profiles on nearly 450,000 public and private companies linked to the relevant intelligence, shareholders and executives.

Mailchimp is the best in class email marketing tool for medium volume campaigns

More than 7 million people use MailChimp to create, send, and track email newsletters. Whether you are a single broker, a large corporation or a medium one, MailChimp has features and integrations that will suit your email marketing needs, and will blow your mind in terms of analytics and reports.

You can create signup forms that match your brand’s look and feel, and send your subscribers/contacts product updates, event invitations, announcements, or editorial content and event automated emails. Use Mailchimp reports to improve your campaigns and learn more about your readers. Best of all? MailChimp is free for contact lists of up to 2,000 subscribers, although we highly recommend paid accounts if you want to really pull the best of all the functions Mailchimp can offer.

Super Yachts Under Contruction 2014 detailed contact information database

Super Yachts Under Contruction 2014 detailed contact information database

We want to make it simple for suppliers of components for new vessels to approach the yards that are currently building new boats

Are you calling all the yards that have large vessels under construction in 2014 and might need your supply. We just made your life a lot easier. Here is a simple spread sheet with all the boats details and contact information of each shipyard that is building it including the expected due date and when the yacht order was reported so you can have an idea of how far into construction they are