New Tech: How many more boats, parts or charters could you sell if your clients could finance their purchases online?

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A new wave of technology in the financial industry (fintech) could truly bring a breath of fresh air to the yachting industry in segment under the £50.000 price mark.

It sounds like a small price tag for a boat purchase but it’s not if you take into account the number of transactions or look at the yacht charter market and in yacht supplies/components. On the contrary it is a very large segment of the yachting industry in terms of number of transactions and many traditional Marine finance companies barely look at anything below £25.000-50.000 not to mention oftentimes they don’t look at vessels that are older than 30 years.

What does £50K buys these days in the boating and yachting industry ?

  1. Jet skies and personal water-crafts
  2. Ribs with outboards up to 6-7 meters
  3. Sailing Dinghies
  4. Sport Catamarans
  5. Yacht Charter Holidays with vessels up to 25-35 meters (depending on the vessels sail or motor)
  6. Outboard engines
  7. Superyacht toys (Sea Bobs, Jetsurf)
  8. Sails and rigging
  9. Small-medium inboard engines
  10. Generators
  11. Electronics (Radars, Chart plotters, SSBs , Sat phones etc..)

What is it and how does it work ?

It’s a fintech solution called DIVIDO we have partnered with that operates on websites that have enabled ecommerce modules. It allows a prospective client (user) that is –  for example –  interested in buying a dinghy or a yacht charter holiday costing £5000 to finance that payment and pay instalments instead of the full amount on their credit card right from the website. This process is enabled by multiple lenders competing for that client in real time and right through the website of the seller itself (the Dinghy seller or the Yacht Charter company in our example).

What are the benefits ?

Web users can spread the costs of for example yacht charter holiday through the year, or a high ticket purchase, get better offers booking in advance or during sales even if they don’t have the full amount in cash available. Ultimately, it is also a great way to attract new generations who are accustomed to use online tools to complete the purchases instead of going through a lengthy financing process which in most cases would actually contribute to a lost sale.

It also goes without saying that a Yacht charter holiday or any other a small boat becomes much more affordable if the client is able to spread that cost in time and yet have an immediate response on whether he can get that very purchase financed or not and at what rate.

What companies (sellers ) qualify for this solution ?

Sellers (Companies) that can benefit from this solution will need to meet some basic requirements.

  • At least £250.000 or other currency equivalent in yearly turnover
  • At least 1 year of trading/business history
  • A minimum online cart/purchase value of £250

Geographic Reach

This solutions is available currently in

  • Denmark
  • Finland
  • Germany
  • Norway
  • Sweden
  • United Kingdom

It will be soon available in the following countries so please sign-up and get notified when it will be available in your country.

  • Austria
  • Belgium
  • Canada
  • France
  • Ireland
  • Italy
  • Netherlands
  • Poland
  • Spain
  • United States

How much does it cost ?

The set-up fee to install and test the multi-lender financed payment solution provided by DIVIDO can vary from merchant to merchant. However, plug-ins are available for the most common Content Management Systems such as WordPress, Shopify, Magento and Open Cart. Please Enquire and let us know your website set-up so that an accurate quote can be proposed.

Divido charges a small transaction fee for every purchase made with their finance solution

furthermore a monthly maintenance fee is required for their technical support and to make sure that your website Trust Pilot rating keeps as high as possible with smooth transactions and outstanding customer service.

How much more business can I expect to generate ?

A survey carried out by DIVIDO itself on a variety of industries shows that 39% of prospective clients would have NOT gone through with a purchase if a financed payment option was not available and they had to pay in one single transaction for the full amount. Although it is hard to estimate how much more business you can generate, many of Divido‘s merchants have seen a sales increase of 30% to 40% since offering Divido to their customers.

We really look forward to see what this solution could do in the industry of yachting as we believe it has truly great potential.

What companies are already using it?

Nobody in the yachting industry yet. We are the first to propose it to the industry. However brands like BMW, HTC and BNP Paribas have already adopted this technology.

Who are the investors behind this fintech company?

The same investors of Skype, TrasferWise and WordlPay. Their last round of financing was £2.9M. It is one of the ‘hottest’ tech companies in Europe.

How do I get a quote and check if my company qualifies for Divido payment solution?

click this botton below or get in touch with us.