Equity Partner Research Swiss Helicopter Manufacturer

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Equity Research and Advisory to Swiss Helicopter Manufacturer Avio International Group

Rodriquez Consulting had already advised on product development and marketing orientation strategy Swiss Helicopter Manufacturer Avio International Group, now, together with its Italian partner firm Studio Trementozzi accredited by the Italian stock exchange and Jast Capital, the firms are actively looking and evaluating equity partners for the Swiss holding that holds an award winning new (ADI 2007 prize for Industrial Design) Carbon Fibre Helicopter unique for its twin-engine engine system and for several other features (www.AvioInternational.com).

Indeed, the SK1 Helicopter has for the first time in the industry won the ADI (Industrial Design Association) award presenting itself not only as an advanced Helicopter of great interest to military clients but also as a must-have for those HNWI who seek a light, safe personal use helicopter that is designed with the utmost attention to details.

The firms have divided the financing process into three rounds the first two dedicated to fuel industrial production and complete an acusition of another light helicopter manufaturer and the third one for the roll out of an ambitous plan to set up new production plant in Latin America to satify the double-digit growing demand of helicopter in the area.

UPDATE: Avio International Holding has completed the acquisition of DF Helicopters and is now operating its production facility.

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