The Ms Excel Yacht Charter Template contains:

This model is suitable for up to five vessels and it can be customised to add more vessels. It can be used and customised with 5 vessels having different operational costs, size and features. The model is suitable for charters calculated on a weekly basis but it can be easily changed into day charters.

The model includes example and reference values for maintenance and replacements.

  1. Operating Cost Listing
  2. Charter Week Fees
  3. Crew Wages (If applicable)
  4. Brokerage Fees calculated (with % indications)
  5. Formulas to calculate the right acquisition cost of the vessel as compared to charter fees
  6. Regular Maintenance schedule
  7. Extraordinary Maintenance Schedule
  8. ROI
  9. P&L (Profit and Loss)
  10. Depreciation and Inflation
  11. 5-Year scenario