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Rodriquez Consulting forecasts on Brazil as an high growth potential market for the yachting industry proves to be right, The 12th annual São Paulo boat show generated sales of RS185m (US $108m), a 12 per cent year-on-year increase.

Rodriquez Consulting forcasts on Brazil as an high growth potential market for the yachting industry proves to be right. See the following extract from Ibi Magazine/Fernanda Velloso

The 12th annual São Paulo boat show attracted 150 exhibitors and filled 30,000sq m of the Transamerica Expo indoor exhibition centre.

The organisers claim it generated sales of RS185m (US $108m), a 12 per cent year-on-year increase.

Ernani Paciornik, the show’s president, commented: “The 2008 event suffered as a result of the international financial crisis. The Brazilian boating industry started to recover at the beginning of 2009 and we are definitely now seeing clear signs of increased business activity.”

One of the key factors affecting the growth of the market was the reduction in state value-added sales tax from 25 per cent to 7 per cent in the states of Rio de Janeiro, São Paulo and Santa Caterina.

The six-day show ended last week, attracted 42,000 visitors, 240 boats on display and a large variety of boating equipment exhibited by importers and retailers.

The Brazilian company Intermarine was one of the highlights of the show, displaying amongst several other models the Intermarine 760 flagship.

Schaefer Yachts had higher than expected sales at the show. Schaefer’s president, Marcio Schaefer, commented: “We did good business at the show. Those consumers who did not buy last year are now coming back as market conditions are more stable.”

Bill Gress, president of Brunswick Latin America, commented: “This has been a very strong show for all the Brunswick brands which participated.”

Brunswick’s Sea Ray line was represented by Yachts Brazil and its Bayliner sportsboats were exhibited by Gold Imports.

The boatbuilders with smaller boats in the 30,000 Reis range also reportedly did well at the show. Lenilson Bezerra, the ACOBAR marine industry association’s executive director, commented: “Everyone was positive as the growth trends will continue into 2010 and beyond.”

Date: October 16, 2009

Azzura Marine Nowra was one of three boatbuilding ventures in Queensland owned by Azzura Marine, currently for sale by liquidator.

Azzura Marine Nowra, wholly owned subsidiary of Azzura Marine, has allegedly already received enquiries about purchasing its assets since it went into voluntary liquidation on October 15th. Azzura Marine Nowra was one of three boatbuilding ventures in Queensland owned by Azzura Marine.

Liquidator S. Cathro from Deloitte said operations at Azzura Marine’s other two facilities (Newcastle and Azzura Marine Gold Coast) are continuing, but that a “complete options assessment” is being conducted.

Mr Cathro has received “a number of enquiries” from interested parties about Azzura Marine Nowra. It recently employed 60 workers.

Azzura Marine, with over 200 vessels built in its three Queensland facilities during its 15-year history, faced a significant shortfall in orders, thus, the company decided to close the business in Nowra.

Due to a significant decrease in demand for yachts over the last six to 12 months, declining from a peak of seven ‘new build’ orders in 2008 to no ‘new build’ orders in 1 year. “Azzura Marine cannot currently provide the financial resources to maintain three ship building facilities according to Mr. Cathro.

It has been a year now that the Rodriquez Consulting team has kept a close eye on Korea and together with partner Yacht Designer Andrea Borzelli has drawn some thoughts on the dynamics and future developements of what looks to be a new market for the top luxury segment and specifically for Yachts.

It’s very important to undeline that the number one exported good as a percentage of Korea GDP still comes from the ship building industry. Indeed, Korea is world famous to be home of Hunday in Pusan Daewoo and several other significant commercial ship builders. As a matter of fact Hunday still is the largest shipyard worldwide in terms of facilities and number of employees.

What about luxury yachts? Well, after dealing with a number of players and former government officials, we have to say that we see a solid potential. Since the South Korean government grathed quite a lot of autonomy to local/regional governments the demand for design and development of new yachts to export increased significantly and even more interesting, design and development of new marinas became short and medium term goals.

Although the legislation is still quite closed to luxury yachts, HNWI are growing rapidly in Asia in general and in South Korea specifically Asia as a whole has already outnumbered Europe by quantity of V-HNWI (millionaires) and South Korea is very likely to gain more and more importance in terms of share. Korea is now 11th country among the world fastest economic growth countires and the Korean economy is expected to become among the 10 top economies in terms of GDP by 2050, placing it in 8th position.

“South Korea is definitely the place to be with the impressive project to construct new marinas and boating facilities in Gyeonggi Province within the next few years. As the local yachting industry is still relatively young, it is a perfect moment to take a strong position at the very beginning. ,” says Nicolas Lapp, Sunreef’s vice-president.

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