Boat Tracker on Kickstarter – Say goodbye to wild crew joyrides –

Boatrax Boat tracker

In brief this might be the tech that peer 2 peer boat rental was waiting for in order to truly to take off. Imagine if you(as a boat owner) could control the usage of your vessel in real time.

Having a boat tracker such as this BoatTrax Box on a vessel might as well become the crew worst nightmare especially for the crew member who are particularly into joy riding or to those unlucky enough to have boat owners who are not very reasonable in their demands and guidelines.

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We stumbled upon their kickstarter campaign and it seemed very interesting to read the following features of this boat tracker:

  • Directly connect the device to your NMEA 2000 Network.
  • Securely transmit and store the boat’s data to the cloud.
  • Automatically log you engine stats and other electronics information
  • Follow your boat’s stats in real-time
  • Go back in history and review the historical usage data of your boat.
  • Receive important alerts for potential malfunction and position of your boat.

This Boattrax Box device could also become an incredibly useful device for insurance companies to monitor the use of such expensive toys to insure with the advantage to the user of potentially decreasing insurance premiums by means of verifying a reasonable use of the insured vessel.

We always like to contribute to startup and new innovation in the industry so we decided to make a small contribution to their crowd funding campaign just to show our support.

IF you want to know more about the people behind Boatrax box boat tracker here is their start up crunch base listing

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