Alternative to a Jetski? The SuperNano prototype is ready for sea trial.(VIDEO)

Are you looking for a valid alternative to Jetski? At first…
September 12, 2022/by Rodriquez Consulting

Under-construction: Alurib Tender + foils

Currently under construction and for sale is the Alurib…
October 3, 2017/by Rodriquez Consulting
Yacht Charter Business Plan Download

Can Investing in Yacht Charter be profitable today? Yacht Charter Market Analysis

In the last 15 years at Rodriquez Consulting we have served a…
July 29, 2022/by Rodriquez Consulting
Yacht Auction

YACHT AUCTIONS: best way to buy and sell?

Our team has been on both buy side (pre-purchase surveyors and…
December 9, 2021/by Rodriquez Consulting
DeCesari 21 meters

ON AUCTION NOW: Classic Yacht pre-auction 21 meters currently in charter

Classic Yachts alway have a market in the charter industry, here…
August 24, 2021/by Rodriquez Consulting
Maya Gabeira Biggest WAVE

Proud of Our client’s Guinness World Record for the Biggest Wave ever surfed – #GoMaya

On 30th of July 2018 we received an order for our Yacht…
September 14, 2020/by Rodriquez Consulting
M/Y Ohana (Rhino) from Below Deck

BELOW DECK: The Reality Show about Yacht Charter

The yacht charter business is growing at an unprecedented level.…
August 18, 2020/by Rodriquez Consulting

UNDER OFFER -Oyster Yacht 68HP – for a quick sale

Every once in a while an outstanding sailing vessel rather than…
March 9, 2020/by Rodriquez Consulting

NOW SOLD!! Cranchi 50 Motor Yacht – Fully Rebuilt in 2016

Ready for the Summer - The Mediterranee 50
This boat is ready…
July 10, 2020/by Rodriquez Consulting

REDUCED: Off-market Opportunity 40% off brand new Abacus 78 feet Flybridge Yacht for sale

It's very nice to have a solid network of relationships with…
June 20, 2020/by Rodriquez Consulting

The “mechanical dolphin” – Seabreacher goes on Auction starting at 25k – 75% off new price

You may have heard of it or not but if you are intrigued by water…
June 15, 2020/by Rodriquez Consulting

How to enjoy your Italian summer holidays reducing the risk of Corona Virus!

So you were considering to enjoy the Amalfi coast this summer…
March 9, 2020/by Rodriquez Consulting
Morgan Yachts 33

Off-market exclusive Morgan Yachts 33 (ex demo boat) unregistered 50% off RRP – CONTACT US NOW –

In full preparation for the high season, we received a phone…
February 28, 2020/by Rodriquez Consulting
Yacht Charter Business Plan

The Yacht Charter Business Plan – Now Available for Download –

Planning to buy a yacht to start yacht/boat charter business…
December 3, 2019/by Rodriquez Consulting
Aicon Yachts bankruptcy auction; new yachts at 90% less - Auction

UPDATE Feb 2020: Aicon Yachts bankruptcy auction – new yachts at 50% less completed

UPDATE: The updated list of vessels with a preliminary budget…
January 6, 2020/by Rodriquez Consulting
40m Rodriquez Yacht

Acquire and finish Intermarine 40m (131ft) alloy Yacht 50% built​ at 60% off its value to finish with our team.

During one of our recent shipyard visits comes one very interesting…
November 29, 2019/by Rodriquez Consulting
Morgan Yacht for sale

Off-Market opportunity the last [NEW] Morgan Yacht 70 for sale at 50% off the RRP

UPDATE: As of December 2019 the owner is actually accepting…
October 31, 2017/by Rodriquez Consulting

Hydrofoil Superyacht​? The birth of The Hyper Yacht

The Story

I could hardly say a hydrofoil superyacht is 'nothing…
April 5, 2019/by Rodriquez Consulting
Guide to boat buying

Why hiring a yacht buyer representative will save you money and time.

We should have written this article a long time ago,  because…
January 3, 2019/by Rodriquez Consulting
trends for marine marketers

4 Trends for Marine Marketers in 2019

The continuous growth in technology and globalization has led…
January 28, 2019/by Rodriquez Consulting
Yacht Charter Mistake

10 most common mistakes in the yacht charter business

The yachting industry is changing significantly in the past 20-30…
April 17, 2018/by Rodriquez Consulting
How to set-up a Yacht Charter Business

How To set-up a successful yacht charter company

Yes! After many years we have finally given up to the dozens…
December 4, 2018/by Rodriquez Consulting
Yacht Boat Valuation

What price should I pay for the boat I want?

A yacht or a boat valuation is no ordinary process and it can…
July 13, 2017/by Rodriquez Consulting
the Foiling week

Not your usual boat show: The Foiling Week – Hydrofoils for trial

All of those who work in the industry of luxury yachts are familiar…
June 22, 2015/by Rodriquez Consulting

Increasing Conversion Rate From web visitor to prospective customer – relationship building in yachting websites

Increasing the conversion rate on a yacht related website is…
July 6, 2017/by Rodriquez Consulting

Best Charter companies: 10+ Years of Yacht Charters and counting..

I am sure I am not the only one who has noticed this; the ups…
March 9, 2017/by Rodriquez Consulting
sailing the world on a budget

12 Tips to sail the world on a budget – and REALLY travel

We live in the world of quick city escapes and instagram pictures…
October 3, 2017/by Rodriquez Consulting
Mako Sharks in the med

Are there sharks in the Med? The truth about sharks in the Mediterranean sea.

Unlike most people seem to think there are sharks in the mediterranean…
August 16, 2017/by Rodriquez Consulting
Kai lenny foilboard

His name is KAI LENNY and we love him for foiling on a low budget

Yes this is a public declaration of love to Kai Lenny, we love…
July 24, 2017/by Rodriquez Consulting
Marketing Yachts Online

Marketing Yachts Online – Skim through the noise – deploy the most suitable tools and technolgy

Yachts and even smaller boats are hardly seen in store and although…
October 25, 2017/by Rodriquez Consulting

Less than £100k to acquire a UK national importance vessel – Sailing Yacht “Sails of Dawn”

We recently found out this magnificent classic 57 feet Laurent…
January 5, 2018/by Rodriquez Consulting
Rivamare At London Boat Show

Rivamare at London Boat Show: Press Release


January 13, 2018/by Rodriquez Consulting
Save your skin: Corporate David vs Goliath started by Nivea-giant Beiersdorf agaist Aethic Sunscreen

Save your skin: Corporate David vs Goliath started by Nivea-giant Beiersdorf agaist Aethic Eco-compatible Sunscreen

Sailing sustainably has become quite the thing. No surprise then…
January 16, 2018/by Rodriquez Consulting

New Tech: How many more boats, parts or charters could you sell if your clients could finance their purchases online?

A new wave of technology in the financial industry (fintech)…
February 16, 2018/by Rodriquez Consulting
Airbnb of Yachting

Why will the Airbnbs of yachting improve boat ownership as well?

We live in the sharing economy. Aside from the famous Airbnb,…
February 9, 2018/by Rodriquez Consulting
Eldorado ON Auction Soon

AUCTION STARTED: Tallship Eldorado – Unique Yacht Charter Business opportunity

Tallship Eldorado Auction Started.
This Dutch build modern…
February 28, 2018/by Rodriquez Consulting
Bitcoin and sailboats

Cryptocurrency vs Sailing yachts: Are you future-proofing yourself from financial doomsday?

Have you heard of Bitcoins and the cryptocurrencies hype?
January 26, 2018/by Rodriquez Consulting
Holterman Infinity 501 from the top

AUCTION Extended! REGISTER NOW – 70% off valuation – Full aluminium Infinity 50Ft

UPDATE: Auctions dates have been extended!
Another great off-market…
January 30, 2018/by Rodriquez Consulting
New Foiling boat - The Flying Mantis

New Foiling Boat – The Flying Mantis – 2018 London Boatshow

We always get quite excited about a new foiling boat being presented…
March 30, 2018/by Rodriquez Consulting
Hybrid boats Ethos EC 30

Hybrid Boats: Modular versatile layouts and impressive fuel efficiency for work and pleasure – OPPORTUNITY

There are quite a few hybrid boats out there that are aiming…
March 13, 2018/by Rodriquez Consulting
Boatrax Boat tracker

Boat Tracker on Kickstarter – Say goodbye to wild crew joyrides –

In brief this might be the tech that peer 2 peer boat rental…
April 6, 2018/by Rodriquez Consulting
Yacht Market analysis download

The Yacht Market Analysis 2017-2018 and forecasts to 2020 – Exclusive pre-order available

As every year we are preparing a 40 page comprehensive Yacht…
April 9, 2018/by Rodriquez Consulting

Protected: Financing the purchase of a Superyacht

March 30, 2018
Rossinavi Pininfarina Aurea 70 meters yacht

Pininfarina teams up with Rossinavi for the AUREA Concept

Please raise your hand if you haven't heard the name Pininfarina…
July 14, 2017/by Rodriquez Consulting

STOLEN YACHT: 54ft Moody gets stolen in the Med – Buyers beware

This very recent Moody 54 namely Tangaroa, can be identified…
November 20, 2017/by Rodriquez Consulting
Yacht Auctions

How to find a really inexpensive boat deal on auction on EBAY

It's 2017 and the world wide web has evolved quite a bit but…
October 23, 2017/by Rodriquez Consulting
World Production Of Yacht 2017

19%-20% Growth Projected for the 2017 Global Yachting Industry

Whereas the total growth of Luxury goods in 2016 grew only of…
September 21, 2017/by Rodriquez Consulting
Converstion Rate VS Load TIme

Why is page load time so important for your website?

In the industry of boats and especially when we are looking at…
July 26, 2017/by Rodriquez Consulting
Aeroboat S6 concept - Rolls Royce + Claydon Reeves

When useless actually means cool Rolls Royce is usually involved

We are not going to apologise for the statement in the title…
July 15, 2017/by Rodriquez Consulting
Superyachts 2020

Superyachts by 2020 – the results of the Hamburg superyacht interiors international conference 2015

On the 29th-30th of June 2015, I was called to do the opening…
July 13, 2015/by Rodriquez Consulting
Quadrofoil- electric hydrofoil

New trends in yacht building: Hydrofoils

Thanks to the Americas Cup and the associated media exposure,…
June 2, 2016/by Rodriquez Consulting

Upyacht; finally a yacht sharing membership company that makes sense

In the world of the sharing economy some companies have come…
April 5, 2016/by Rodriquez Consulting

Superyacht Interior international conference in Hamburg calls Leopoldo Rodriquez as opening speaker

On June 30th 2015 in Hamburg, Germany, our managing director…
June 28, 2015/by Rodriquez Consulting
Nena 36m Akhir Yacht

Our client Yacht Nation sold 36m superyacht from Cantieri Di Pisa

We are delighted to announce that our client the new brokerage…
June 17, 2015/by Rodriquez Consulting
Royal Huisman

New Managing Director at Royal Huisman

Mr Roamer Boogaard was previously Executive Director at the Royal…
June 5, 2015/by Rodriquez Consulting
Anti Fouling Paint market 2015

The Antifouling paint market 2011-2015; numbers, trends and opportunities in the yacht industry.

It took our team almost 3 years of research to determine the…
May 1, 2015/by Rodriquez Consulting
Yacht Technology

Why is the Yacht Industry so backward on technology?

One would think that an industry like the yacht industry…
December 17, 2014/by Rodriquez Consulting
Azimut Yachts Magellano 43

Azimut-Benetti group new London office

"The best boat for british people has been designed in Italy…
September 22, 2014/by Rodriquez Consulting

Mailchimp and the importance of emails

I cannot deny to be a big fan of digital marketing and a fond…
October 4, 2014/by Rodriquez Consulting
Wealth Trends and HNWI prospecting

Wealth Trends and HNWI prospecting


The global recovery continues to show signs of…
October 4, 2014/by Rodriquez Consulting

Monaco Yacht show 2014 first impression

We just got back from Monaco Yacht Show 2014 and our first impressions…
October 1, 2014/by Rodriquez Consulting
Private Submarine for sale

Master in Yachting Management, Università Di Roma 2010

Master in Yachting Management, Università Di Roma 2010, Luxury…
September 3, 2010/by Leo

Super Yacht Market Study 2014

After Cannes boat show while just approaching from the Monaco…
September 3, 2014/by Leo
Serene - Fincantieri built 2011

Bill Gates charters Fincantieri built Yacht “Serene”

Summer 2014 Microsoft founder Bill Gates goes on vacation with…
September 16, 2014/by Rodriquez Consulting
Naumachos 82 Explorer Yacht

Luxury Yacht Market Research and Forecasts 2014

As every year at Rodriquez Consulting we are working to satisfy…
January 28, 2014/by Leo
Swimming pool on yacht

Rodriquez Consulting and Hi-tech Helicopter Manufacturer

Rodriquez Consulting Ltd is currently planning a visit at the…
May 10, 2008/by Leo

Marin Marusic Director Almissani Doo Split, Croatia

“It was pleasure and great business experience to work with…
December 14, 2009/by Leo

Korean large Shipbuilders eye the Yachting Industry

At Rodriquez Consulting we have treated the matter of emerging…
May 4, 2011/by Rodriquez Consulting

Sovereign Funds and Yacht Manufacturers

Some insiders and probably most of the outsiders still consider…
May 10, 2009/by Leo
Wave Yacht

Qualified Contributors Search

Rodriquez Consulting Ltd. currently looks for valuable contributors…
December 16, 2009/by Leo
Naumachos 82 Explorer Yacht

Korean large Shipbuilders eye the Yachting Industry

At Rodriquez Consulting we have treated the matter of emerging…
May 4, 2010/by Leo
Eren Baki and Leopoldo Rodriquez

New Frontiers of the shipbuilding Industry

Thanks to recent changes on investment risk index Brazil has…
December 16, 2009/by Leo

Rodriquez Consulting advising Bolici Yachts

Rodriquez Consulting is currently advising the recently born…
December 16, 2009/by Leo
Brenta 42 Sail Yacht

Fearless Yachts and Porsche Design studio

In order to put the boost on the newly design boats by Porsche…
December 16, 2009/by Leo

What Does a start-up company need to be succesful?

What does a start-up company needs to be successful ?

April 11, 2010/by Leo

WorldWide Sales Network to be built by Rodriquez Consulting

Rodriquez Consulting has succesfully stimulated the interest…
December 16, 2009/by Leo
Burgess Rolls Royce

Australian Azzura Marine division is up for sale

Azzura Marine Nowra was one of three boatbuilding ventures in…
October 28, 2009/by Leo
Super Yacht Roberto Cavalli

Yacht Market Research 2013 – 2014

Although we are only at the very beggining of 2014 at Rodriquez…
February 5, 2014/by Leo

The Global Ultra Wealth Report

The global recovery continues to show signs of weakness. Heightened…
August 13, 2013/by Leo
Swimming pool on yacht

Yacht Market Study 2012 and Special Focuses

As we are approaching the Yacht Show season 2012, at Rodriquez…
September 6, 2012/by Leo

Monaco Yacht Show 09 Is crisis there Yet?

We expected a much lower number of people at the Monaco Yacht…
December 16, 2009/by Leo

WorldWide Sales Network to be built by Rodriquez Consulting

Rodriquez Consulting has succesfully stimulated the interest…
December 6, 2009/by Leo
Comet 100 RS Sail Yacht 2

Master in Yachting Management, Università Di Roma 2010

Master in Yachting Management, Università Di Roma 2010, Luxury…
November 17, 2009/by Leo
Wave Yacht

Taiwan Yacht builders appeal to put an end to luxury tax

A delegation of yacht builders meets with national legislators

August 13, 2013/by Leo

Ferretti’s CEO dies, Yacht Builder appoints Galeone

Giancarlo Galeone is a Ferretti Group shareholder and director…
April 5, 2011/by Leo
Monaco Yacht Show 2013

Yacht Market Research 2011

Rodriquez Consulting has been working on a new comprehensive…
March 17, 2011/by Leo

Australian Azzura Marine division is up for sale

Azzura Marine Nowra was one of three boatbuilding ventures in…
October 28, 2009/by Leo
Guide to boat buying

South Korea: A new market for the yachting and top luxury Industries

It has been a year now that the Rodriquez Consulting team has…
June 15, 2009/by Leo

Brazil proves to be a new interesting Market

Rodriquez Consulting forecasts on Brazil as an high growth potential…
December 16, 2009/by Leo

Brazil Emerging Market

Investing in Brazil: Overview

Since 2007, the Brazilian Government…
September 3, 2014/by Leo

Brazil’s Economic Growth and the Maritime Sector

With natural attractive conditions conditions for the marine…
September 3, 2014/by Leo
Anti Fouling Paint market 2015

Abu Dhabi Yacht Show – 1st edition –

Rodriquez Consulting Ltd advised and planned the participation…
September 3, 2014/by Leo

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