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Hybrid Boats: Modular versatile layouts and impressive fuel efficiency for work and pleasure – OPPORTUNITY

There are quite a few hybrid boats out there that are aiming towards a more eco-friendly way to propel a vessel forward. However, pairing an electric engine with a diesel engine is old-tech building a true hybrid requires more than just an electric engine. What should hybrid boats really be? In our professional opinion, the […]

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ON AUCTION SOON: Tallship Eldorado – Unique Yacht Charter Business opportunity

Tallship Eldorado goes on Auction Soon. This Dutch build modern classic (2017)  tallship is due to go on auction very soon with a starting bid of €250,000 The ship was valued at €950k. It is a very interesting charter market investment at the right price and being a recent steel construction with moderate installed power […]

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New Tech: How many more boats, parts or charters could you sell if your clients could finance their purchases online?

A new wave of technology in the financial industry (fintech) could truly bring a breath of fresh air to the yachting industry in segment under the £50.000 price mark. It sounds like a small price tag for a boat purchase but it’s not if you take into account the number of transactions or look at […]

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Why will the Airbnbs of yachting improve boat ownership as well?

We live in the sharing economy. Aside from the famous Airbnb, sharing vehicles and much more has become an everyday reality especially for those of you who live in big cities such as London, New York, Paris and Rome. We are sure you are getting accustomed to use services like Barclays’ Bikes, (now Santader), Zipcar, Car2Go, […]

NOW SOLD: Less then 4 hours to go to win the auction 70% off Northern Marine 78

In less than 4 hours this vessel will be sold for ONE third of its value    For last minute offers call this number +44 020 3868 6352   Asking price € 1.485.000 Highest Bid is €520.000 NOW SOLD FOR €750.000 Description: Beautiful North West American craftsmanship. Sturdy and reliable world cruiser capable of sailing 4000 miles […]

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AUCTION Extended! REGISTER NOW – 70% off valuation – Full aluminium Infinity 50Ft

UPDATE: Auctions dates have been extended! Another great off-market opportunity to acquire a state of the art full aluminium vessel with an incredible spec sheet and really modern design. The vessel is a great example of the well-known Dutch yacht building quality we all know and love. Only two of these were ever made for […]

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The Yacht Market Analysis 2017-2018 and forecasts to 2020 – Exclusive pre-order available

As every year we are preparing a 40 page comprehensive Yacht Market Analysis document on current status of the yachting industry as a whole and its outlook for the years to come. The scope and use of this research paper is to enable companies operating in this industry, investors and entrepreneurs to have a comprehensive […]

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Save your skin: Corporate David vs Goliath started by Nivea-giant Beiersdorf agaist Aethic Eco-compatible Sunscreen

Sailing sustainably has become quite the thing. No surprise then when Sir Ben Ainslie’s America’s Cup team, LandRover BAR, selected Aethic as its official sunscreen supplier. Here is a company that tested candidate ingredients on coral and having rejected those that were harmful, only used those that left coral intact. It then made a product […]

Rivamare at London Boat Show: Press Release

THE FOLLOWING IS THE CONTENT OF AN OFFICIAL PRESS RELEASE If ever there was a brand that could justifiably claim to be the Rolls Royce of powerboats, it would be Riva. Designed and built with a fanatical dedication to perfection, and with a heritage that goes back over a century, nothing else has quite the […]