The continuous growth in technology and globalization has led to numerous changes in the ways people do business, and this means that marketers need to be prepared for the change too. 

In this case, if you are that marine marketer who wants his 2019 to be successful, get to understand the following trends that will change your marketing experience. 

If you are writing your Yacht Charter Business Plan or another type of business plan in the yachting industry we are sure that taking into account these 4 trends will be helpful.

These changes include the growing cloud, artificial intelligence, machine learning, numerous app launches and the unexpected change in consumer preferences. Every marketer will have to consider all these trends to help them continue thriving in the changing business world. 

The Need for Better Customer Experience

Customer experience made a big difference in the year 2018, and it is obvious that it is going to do the same in the year 2019 for every marketer. 

Customer experience  where the marketer focuses on providing personalized customer experience while meeting their expectations rather than just selling products or services. 

When you, as a marine marketer, focus on putting the needs of the customers in all marketing channels first, it is guaranteed that you will attain their loyalty and retain them. 

Customers do not want to hear your selling pitch that only talks about your products and services, but they would like to know why and how these products will be of help to them. 

The main thing here is to ensure that your experience with customers is consistent and unified in all touch points and everything you use in your marketing campaign is relevant to them. 

The Power Of Word Of Mouth

In today’s digital world, a lot seems to happen on the internet including marketing. And while the internet can be a good channel to boost your marine marketing, some pitfalls come with it. 

For instance, most companies tend to send emails as a way of marketing and many consumers are blocking these emails and marking them as spam, which means the message never reaches them. Furthermore, research shows that internet users are finding ways to block ads and popups that show up when they are browsing because they feel like you are intruding and misusing their data. 

In this case, every marine marketer should consider using the traditional word of mouth marketing tactic together with online marketing techniques to optimize their marketing efforts. 

While people may trust online reviews left by consumers, referrals through word of mouth are also working as an added advantage. 

video for the yachting industry with drones
Photo by William Daigneault on Unsplash

The Demand For Video Marketing

Videos are becoming the newest favourite for consumers, and it is good for you too because you can now represent your products in a better way than ever before. 

They say that an image is worth a thousand words and this means that a video could be worth a million words. 

Video marketing is a popular trend in today’s digital world and doesn’t seem to be going away anytime soon. 

All you need to do as a marine marketer is to make a quality video. If you do not have the skills or the equipment that can assist you businiess in this, you should consider working with a marketing consultant who values this popular marketing trend among other trends in 2019. Also, avoid making long marketing videos, ensure that they are hyper-focused and personalized to lure a specific audience. 

Embrace Artificial Intelligence

Personalization of marketing contents or campaigns has become the main thing in the business world, and you cannot ignore this aspect as a marine marketer. 

Artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning are also becoming popular in most businesses for a good reason. 

One thing you need to know is that when technology keeps on growing, people’s expectations also change and you must keep them updated with these changes to meet their expectations. This is the part where you need to incorporate AI and machine learning to help you automate your marketing campaigns depending on your target audience. AI and machine learning are good for advanced data interpretation and segmentation and thereby automation of processes. 

2019 will be a better year for you as a marine marketer if you choose to consider these trends when preparing your marketing campaigns.

AuthorBio: Douglas Pitassi is a freelance writer and small business blogger

We should have written this article a long time ago,  because buying yachts or commercial vessels is something we are particularly good at (yes please let us brag for a moment). On the other hand, we are sellers’ worse nightmare because the more competent the buyer is the more it will give the seller a run for his money.  There are also a number of factors in buying a vessel that are not terribly obvious to most buyers and in this article we are going to try to explain some of them.

The following are some of the areas where we usually make the difference once appointed buyer representative:

What does a yacht buyer representative do?

1) Anonymity and Information during the buying negotiation:

When the vessel you are buying is already above £150k just the sheer level of anonymity that a buyer representative can provide for the actual buyer can be a very powerful weapon in negotiations.

If you want to know a reasonable price for acquiring a vessel for charter we actually built a whole sophisticated excel model you can download here

The yachting world can be a very small world. You would be surprised how easy it is for us as buyer representatives to figure out how ‘motivated’ a seller is but also it is relatively easy for the seller to figure out how much more money he/she/they can ask to the buyer during a negotiation by figuring out the source and nature of his/her/their wealth.  

When the price of the yacht or vessel is instead in the 7 figure and upward in 8 figure zone it becomes increasingly beneficial for the buying party to no be know for a number of reasons that can go from unwanted press exposure to the obvious leverage during the negotiation itself.

 The buyer representative oftentimes manages to cut off a potential battle of big egos and sail the transaction through faster and more efficiently. Anonymity also plays a financially advantageous  role for our buyers when the vessels need work .

Naval Engineering
Marine Structural Engineering

 2) Competence

When engaged in acquiring a vessel, whether we source it from one of our off-market opportunities or the vessel is sourced ad-hoc upon client specifications or has been already found by the client we usually go to visit the vessel with one of our trusted yacht/ship surveyors. In many cases, we would actually choose to inspect the vessel with a naval architect rather than a surveyor.

Depending on the material and type of vessel we do choose the best suitable professional for the job.

Our process delivers, peace of mind for the buyer and also financial savings. We will find out everything there is to know about the boat and more. In a recent yacht acquisition, we were able to track down the project manager who had overseen the construction [back in 1995] and the two captains who had sailed the vessels for most of its 3500+ engine hours . We did so within the 24 hours from when our client had communicated with us the name and model of the vessel he wanted to buy.

Furthermore, we had a complete history of the last 5 owners and able to access plans and go-to people to recover an hydraulic system plan that was missing in the paperwork of the vessel.

Rivamare Riva Interior Layout

3) Documentation

A lot of professionals focus on the status of the vessel but what about its paperwork and background checks? Having a team in place for every yacht purchase, we can carry on background checks on the legal title of the vessel and make sure that every bit of fundamental piece paperwork and documentation is present.

[think of Electrical plans, Hydraulic plans, manuals for all engine room systems,  registry compliance certifications etc.].

If some of those key documents have y hgone missing through the years we are often able to find an agile solution to replace them by sourcing them from the original builder or recreate them if necessary.

4) Purchase, legal, contracts and registration/flags

More often than not vessels of a certain size are titled to companies. Regardless of whether our buyer buys the holding company or the asset alone we do our due diligence to make sure that nothing is legally pending on either of them, from the most obvious mooring fees to more complex structured loans that can have the vessel holding company as collateral guarantees.  

Once everything clears, we go into the specifics of the sale and purchase contract with the appropriate jurisdiction that is accepted by both parties (often in two languages too).  

Lastly, we advice our clients and support them in re-registering the vessel under a different flag if our client has decided to do so or if its advantageous for the vessel new ownership depending on the circumstances. There are number of variables in re-registering and re-flagging a vessel that can range from fiscal advantages to political protection of the asset and even regulations on the nationality/ies the crew can hold if the vessel is going to be a charter vessel in some specific waters gathering to specific nationalities of guests.

Boat Inspection

5) Financing your yacht acquisition

Financing a yacht acquisition or new built for as big or small it can be, is still a farly complex process depending on the client requirements and on the type, size, and age of the vessel. As we have had worked with a variety of financial institution but yet are not associated to any of them we can help you pick and choose the best condition and at times renegotiate the financial terms offered by an existing lender, saving money and/or time but also getting our client on better side of a finance deal.

6) Logistic, Works, Crew and Charter Operations

Once the contract is sealed the vessel will need to be moved. Depending on the vessel condition (seaworthy or not) the logistic of moving a vessel can be more or less burdensome but in any event the operation requires proper care and a professional (insured) approach. Whether our client is buying a yacht in Florida to be used on the Mediterranean or is buying a half-built 40+ Meter yacht to finish somewhere else from where construction started nothing has scared us and we often have a cost-efficient word of advice that has proven to save our clients significant amounts.

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