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Asking price € 1.485.000

Highest Bid is €520.000

NOW SOLD FOR €750.000


Beautiful North West American craftsmanship. Sturdy and reliable world cruiser capable of sailing 4000 miles without refueling. Cockpit, entrance, saloon, galley, head and master bedroom with ensuite facilities all at deck level.

Model Northern Marine 78
Type motor yacht
LOA (m) 23,5
Beam (m) 6,6
Draft (m) 2
Headroom (m) 2,2
Year built 2003
Launched 2003
Builder Northern Marine
Country U.S.A.
Designer Northern marine
Displacement (t) 130
CE norm NA
Hull material GRP
Hull colour white
No of engines 1
Make Cummins
Type KT19M
HP 600
kW 441
Fuel diesel
Year installed 2003
Maximum speed (kn) 12
Cruising speed (kn) 8,5
Consumption (l/hr) 40 liter/h @ 9 knots
Range (nm) 4250 @ 1050rpm
Engine hours 3000
Cabins 4
Berths 9

UPDATE: Auctions dates have been extended!

Another great off-market opportunity to acquire a state of the art full aluminium vessel with an incredible spec sheet and really modern design. The vessel is a great example of the well-known Dutch yacht building quality we all know and love. Only two of these were ever made for very discerning super yacht owners. This vessel was designed by Vripack. We very much feel the designer name speaks for itself.

Full survey available (End of November 2017)  valued the yacht at over €1M and the auction will start at €200k on February the 7th thru the 21st. 

Finance can be arranged through our company of choice Lombard Marine Finance for UK customers.

The Infinity 501 is currently in Honk Kong however delivery to the client desired destination can and will be arranged by our team if needed.

The Infinity 501 is built by Holterman Shipyard in The Netherlands and designed by Vripack. There are absolute no compromises made regarding the areas of safety, reliability and comfort. This manifests itself in her sailing behaviour at high speed, but also in her perfect manoeuvring capacities. Equipped with 2 Glass bridge Raymarine panels, AIS, Generator, Radar, Autopilot, tender garage and even an Williams 285 Tender. Let yourself be convinced by a viewing on the yacht. 2017 full survey report available.

Original asking price previous to auction: € 985.000 (ex VAT)
Starting BID at € 200.000 (12.5% needs to be added to winning bid)


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Technical Specifications and most recent usage figures: 
Model: Infinity 501
LOA (m) 14,98
Beam (m) 4,75
Draft (m) 1,3
Year built 2012
Builder Holterman Yachting
Country The Netherlands
Designer Vripack, The Netherlands
Displacement (t) 24
CE norm B
Hull material aluminium
Hull colour orange Metallic paint
Hull thickness (mm) 11
Hull shape round-bilged
Superstructure material aluminium
No of engines 2
Make Yanmar Type 6S Y-720 – HP 720 – kW 529,2
Fuel: diesel
Maximum speed (kn) 24
Cruising speed (kn) 18 @ 1800 RPM
Engine hours: 550
Engine cooling system freshwater heat exchanger
Drive V-drive
Engine controls electrical
Gearbox ZF Marine 325-IV
Bowthruster hydraulic Vetus BOW310HM, 20kWatt hydromotor, 310kgf
Sternthruster hydraulic Hundested FT1R retractable
N of Cabins: 2
N of Berths:  6

Have you heard of Bitcoins and the cryptocurrencies hype?

If you haven’t, you have been sailing solo with no means of communication for too long, so we are happy you are back (if you are reading this that is).

Markets go up and down just like waves, then it comes a storm, then maybe rain and back to calm seas. Ultimately, most sailors do experience the same at sea and those that don’t get hurt are those that don’t panic and pay the oceans some due respect.  When it comes to market data in the yachting industry these are mostly driven by  motor yachts with roughly a 1 – 7 ratio vs sail yachts globally. 

We enjoy looking at the world as a whole as all good sailors do and a fact, we should not forget, is that the world is mostly made by oceans. While discussing some crucial points of our recent Yacht Market Analysis forecasts we pushed macro-economic scenarios to extremes. In doing so, we have elaborated a scenario (admittedly somewhat catastrophic) whereby sail yachts could actually play a vital role in the survival of humanity as they did in ancient times.

What is “real tangible value” for human beings? Can it be destroyed or created?

It’s not necessarily a scene from the movie Waterworld with Kevin Kostner we inspired ourselves to but a brief logical dissertation and some macro economic considerations on what is real value on how it can be destroyed or created.Waterworld Kevin Kostner

When we say value we mean satisfying real human needs like those for shelter, food and transport where boats are very well placed.

Let’s make it clear: In our opinion, Cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoins, Litecoins, Ethereum and all of the others that are by nature de-centralised and NOT controlled or backed by any government are just symptoms of the state in which the world populations really is. 

Symptoms for what you may ask?

The focal point of Bitcoins as with many other non-government backed crypto currencies is that the owner of such currency is the ultimate and only custodian of its value. Even though the concept of value here is less “primitive” and refers to currency-based economies. Cryptocurrencies value is theoretically non inflationary as the number of Bitcoin is supposed to be finite in 2040 and is entirely based on confidence and trust. However, the confidence and trust is somewhat peer-to-peer rather than state-to-citizens (banks to account holders) or state-to-state central banks and treasury bonds).

As result we believe that the Bitcoin phenomenon is actually a symptom of the mistrust and lack of confidence the world has started to breed towards banks and central governments and if you were raised in Greece or Argentina or many other countries that have experienced serious financial meltdowns, it’s hard to blame you for such growing mistrust.

The major banks are calling it a bubble and governments are starting to ban crypto currencies, especially those governments that have the security of gold such as China that stands in pole position as the U.S. biggest foreign creditor. (See:

Bitcoin and Sailboats

How will the banks and governments react to crypto currencies in the mid-long term and in the short term?

Scenario a) They’ll let them run, trying not to interfere and potentially risk to have a sizeable amount of their current accounts moved outside of the traditional banking system

Scenario b)They’ll try to fight back, buy as much as they can and engage in a massive pump and dump action/plan which would initially increase the value of all of these (or all the major cryptocurrencies) to harm the confidence in the market, cause panic and destroy any residual credibility of cryptocurrency in the attenpt to force people to take a complete loss and abandon the non-government-backed currency in favour of centralised government-backed currency.

Scenario c) The crypto currencies don’t gain enough traction to subtract significant value from the traditional banking system and therefore do not constitute a threat per-se but only in the potential illegal implication of the anonymity they provide, thus governments built exchanges in an attempt to regulate cryptocurrencies and exercise sufficient control to be able to ‘handle them’ via banks.

What other scenarios do you see?

(it’s not a rhetorical question au contrarie we are very interested to hear your opinion.)

When a bank gets in trouble as happened in Greece in 2015, it may resort to drastic action to deter the population from ‘assaulting’ their ATMs/cash machines and bank branches and withdraw the whole or most of their liquidity.

Why is that ?

Because over 90% of the circulating currencies at the global level never physcially existed in the first place, in other words, bills/notes, or coins have never been physically created. It is indeed estimated that only between 3%-8% of currencies actually has a ‘touchableform (note/bill or coin).

To make the long story short and simplify the matter at hand if 10% of the world currency holders (or even only the 1% Ultra High Net worth individuals) were to ask for all of their money (assuming 10% of the total circulating)  in cash these could not be possible and it probably would cause the crash of several major banks or alternatively it would call for several major bailouts financed by governments which ultimately (again) would reflect on inflation and national debt once again.

How does bitcoin fit in the picture and how do sailboats fit in this catastrophic scenario ?

A bank can try to reduce or make it more difficult for their clients to withdraw all of their cash and also make it very inconvenient to do so, but it cannot prevent people in the digital age to transfer (BUY) a valuable that is outside the banking system (in our case Bitcoin). Effectively, banks can’t prevent people from moving their money outside their accounts and into NO other bank through the use of a cryptocurrency. Thus, a bank would effectively lose its main role if the owner of the valuable becomes de-facto the custodian as in the case of Bitcoin (the modern version of the cash in the mattress).

Banks Shut DOWN in Greece

People assaulting a bank in Greece during the recent financial crisis.

When entire national economies have a liquidity problems the housing market has a problem too.

Think of the subprime mortgage crisis that sent Lehman Brothers belly up, which was the natural explosion of a bubble created by excessive/predatory lending, insanely leveraged debts and a typical (READ: post gold standard) thin-air money creation process perpetrated by several banks and ultimately (willingly or unwillingly) backed by the Federal Reserve.

Bottom line: People lost their homes, their wealth, and some unfortunately took their lives too.

What if a sailboat could actually be the ultimate safety net ?

Boats are typically considered a depreciating asset as opposed to real estate BUT they have a few very major advantages even compared with those that are considered the most secure forms of investment such as gold, houses and land.

Sail boats can be moved and thanks to the winds and the generosity of the oceans they are not much dependent on fuel (if at all) and are themselves means to provide humans with food (through fishing).

Ergo: in a slightly primitive sense of value, sailboats represent a safer value than homes, cash or even gold in terms of being instrumental to humans’ survival (think independent shelter, fishing, transport).

Lastly, boat ownership in some jurisdictions ( SEE:  is not even taxed.

Please take into account that this article is merely a dissertation and we are not suggesting that a financial doomsday of global proportion is actually going to manifests soon. We are using such hypothetical scenario to prove a point and incentive critical thinking in these interesting times of change.

Budget Sailboat

A long range 37 feet classic sailboat sold recently for less than £2800

How does bitcoin and crypto fit in the picture and how do sailboats fit in this catastrophic scenario ?

Our point is that sailboats if bought at a reasonable price, well maintained and used properly can actually represent a valid way to keep a certain “value” safe from world’s events and, theoretically safe from any government or tax authority. A sailing yacht can, indeed, be re-registered under a different flag much more easily than you can sell some property and land and buy it somewhere else. A sailing yacht travels on its own hull almost limitlessly and unlike gold or other precious materials or stones is not subject to regulatory limits on planes (E.g.: Declaring valuables in excess of €10K to travel outside the EU).

In the unlikely financial doomsday event where the peoples of the world would have lost all trust in their currencies and their governments, the ability to move, fish and have shelter that is not directly controlled and directly at the mercy of any given ‘rule maker’ would actually be the ultimate safety net.

Interesting Yachting Industry Insight: 

When Greece experienced the financial problems and turmoil,we were conducting a research on yacht paints. While speaking with several marina managers and operators we were told they were oddly receiving more frequent calls from their yacht owners asking about the ‘well being’ of their vessels. 

Are we biased and would like to see more happy sailors around the world than stressed Cryptocurrency traders ? Oh YES !

We are 100% biased! We surely are not hiding our passion for boats and we’ll keep dealing with boats till will have to use them to survive. Maybe in those days we’ll get bored of sailing and try to invent something new to move around the world over water. We are always up for a technical challenge.

1950s Hydrofoil with Carlo Rodriquez

Carlo Rodriquez and Baron Von Shertel 1950s trying a prototype of hydrofoil

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Sailing sustainably has become quite the thing. No surprise then when Sir Ben Ainslie’s America’s Cup team, LandRover BAR, selected Aethic as its official sunscreen supplier.

Here is a company that tested candidate ingredients on coral and having rejected those that were harmful, only used those that left coral intact. It then made a product and tested this again in its entirety; The very first Eco-compatible sunscreen to protect your skin while sparing marine life.

This scientific work, carried out by one of the world’s leading marine scientists (who discovered the problem to start with), was submitted for a patent. The European Patent Office approved it.

Did you know most sunscreens we use accidentally kill corals ?

Volvo Ocean Race Contender
Vestas Vendee Globe

Meanwhile, other sailing teams soon selected this product too. Artemis Racing, Conrad Colman taking part in the Vendée Globe and now Vestas 11th Hour Racing in the Volvo Ocean Race all use Aethic Sôvée. They all prize it for its great protective qualities which three sun filters and the fact that it has Vitamin E and only food grade preservatives.

Aethic Eco-compatible Sunscreen 50 SPF

Aethic Eco-compatible Sunscreen 50 SPF

So that’s a great start in protecting skin properly and combating the damage wrought by most sunscreens on coral and marine life.

It is estimated that 14,000 tons of sunscreen hit the ocean annually and that they account for 10% of annual coral decimation.

And biodegradable, while sounding nice, is irrelevant. Just because ingredients degrade, dissolve or dilute, doesn’t mean that they do no harm. It takes only one particle to set off a viral epidemic in coral which can kill an entire reef.

Coral reef

Problem: Coral reef gets damaged by most sunscreen we use

Did you know that Zinc Oxide and Titanium Dioxide have been found to damage phyto-plankton, which is another life-supporting pillar of marine life?

So-called Mineral, natural and organic ingredients, notably Zinc Oxide and Titanium Dioxide,  aren’t necessarily the answer either. Firstly, let’s be clear, all sun filters are still man made. So calling these natural or organic is a stretch. Secondly, Zinc Oxide and Titanium Dioxide have been found to damage phyto-plankton, which is another life-supporting pillar of marine life – alongside coral. When it comes to ‘organic’, well, crude oil is organic – when left under hundreds of metres of bedrock it does no harm. Pour millions of gallons into the Mexican Gulf and….. Come to mention it, Arsenic is organic….

The real point is compatibility. As is the case of so many things in life. Sunscreen ingredients need to be compatible with marine life. That’s the point.

So maybe when Aethic scientifically proved that their short, simple, ingredient list was ecocompatible, and had this evidence confirmed by peer scientific review, and had the patent approved, it proved too much for one major competitor.

The Nivea-giant Beiersdorf opposed the patent a few days short of the nine month opposition deadline. And Aethic now has to fend it off by countering their opposition at the European Patent Office.

It’s gotten nasty out there in the fight to protect skin and save the ocean. And one large company is not making it easier for Aethic to continue in its mission.

We decided to support Aethic in raising the legal fees to fend off Beiersdorf. If you believe that good products should not be crashed by other companies simply because they have the financial resources to do it, take action now and donate.

The fight is on and you can make a great difference. Fund Aethic or choose Aethic as your skincare product of choice when you go at sea.



If ever there was a brand that could justifiably claim to be the Rolls Royce of powerboats, it would be Riva. Designed and built with a fanatical dedication to perfection, and with a heritage that goes back over a century, nothing else has quite the status, allure, dignity and glamour of Riva.

This year’s London Boat Show sees the UK debut of Riva’s latest and most glamourous addition to their dayboat/weekender line-up, the 39ft Rivamare.

Every inch the modern day re-imagining of the legendary mahogany Rivas of 50 years ago, the Rivamare is a glorious combination of exquisite design, meticulous quality, flawless finish and impeccable performance.

The Rivamare’s sublimely elegant lines, voluptuous sweeping stern and gleaming wooden deck are all classic Riva hallmarks. As an open-top dayboat, the Rivamare is sheer perfection. Her cockpit and deck areas are not just beautifully designed, they are also brilliantly practical and superbly comfortable. The cockpit is where people will spend most of their time, and they’ll be happy to find it fitted out like a luxury limousine, but with the added attractions of sun loungers and steps down.

to the sea. The main centre section of the transom opens out to form a bathing platform, revealing a garage with plenty of space inside for a Seabob, skis and other watersports gear.

The interior of the Rivamare is something to behold. Surprisingly spacious, the detailing is simply stunning. It is trimmed in beautifully hand-stitched leather, with gleaming woodwork and polished steel that sparkles like precious metal. It makes the perfect day cabin, but also provides genuine overnight accommodation when required. The v-berth, which converts to a double, also serves as a seating and dining area. And there’s a fully fitted bathroom with shower and wc, plus a galley.

And yet, with all this style, design, glamour and luxury, the Rivamare is a powerboat, and an exceptional one at that. The best part of owning one of these wonderful machines is undoubtedly getting behind the wheel and opening the throttles. The helm station has the sort of look you might expect if Gucci designed a console for a racing powerboat – you just know that what you are about to experience is going to be something very special. And indeed it is: smooth, powerful, astonishingly responsive, the Rivamare handles like a dream. Nestling unobtrusively below the sunbeds are twin 400hp Volvo sterndrives, ample power to accelerate the Rivamare smoothly and gracefully onto the plane, and on to a top speed of 40 knots (46mph/74kph).

This is not a boat for the shy and retiring. The Rivamare will demand and attract attention, not to mention admiration and even adoration. When it comes into view, onlookers will inevitably stand and stare, such is its presence and poise. Fashionable trends may come and go, but the timeless elegance of the Rivamare will turn heads for years to come.

We recently found out this magnificent classic 57 feet Laurent Giles sailing yacht is (really) for sale.  Surely, this is not a vessel for a first time sailor but it isn’t something that is going to ever look like another GRP white boat in the bay.

This is considered to be a UK vessel of national importance. 

Classic Sailing yacht under £100k -Current Status of the vessel end of 2017

Current Status of the vessel end of 2017

With its own Wikipedia page, ‘Sails of Dawn’ ocean racing yachts is, and I quote:

an ocean racing yacht and cruising yacht, one of the last boats John Laurent Giles saw launched before his death in 1969 It was built to Lloyds 100A1 certification, while being also under Royal Ocean Racing Club certification and also to Lloyds 100A1 for the owner DD Morell of Mitchell Construction.

Only three yards in Britain submitted tenders for the build, others stating the quality unattainable in the time-frame , and so it was down to two yards, McGruer of Clynder and Robertsons yard. McGruers were chosen for the price of 48,000* British pounds plus 8% design fees to Laurent Giles.”

*in 2018 the equivalent of £48000 would be £743,140.11

The Vessel is also featured by Yachting Monthly magazine 1971 Feburary issue.

It is currently located in Malta on land and works are still carried on. The current owner, a former P&O master mariner, is simply looking forward to recover some of the money spent, thus, is accepting offers in the region of £100k.

It is not uncommon that these beautiful vessels get acquired a bit on a whim due to their beauty and charm and without an accurate plan and budget for what it takes to bring them back to their splendour and seaworthiness. Oftentimes it take too much time for owners that are not in their 30s anymore or more money and energy than well-meaning hopeful buyers  can afford, that is why it is key to have a team like ours to support the acquisition and sail through what in this case would be the last leg of refitting.

If you would like our team to help you acquire and finish this vessel providing a detailed-budget and refitting plan to finish the works to your specification and launch the vessel please get in touch.

Click here to send us an email about your interest and schedule a call. 

The Specifications of the vessel:

Name Official number Flag IMO
Year built Date launched Date completed
Vessel type Vessel description
Yacht Wood Auxiliary Motor  Yawl
Builder Yard Yard no
James McGruer, Clynder 625
Tonnage Length Breadth Depth Draft
35 grt 57 ft 13.5 ft 7.4 ft
Engine builder Perkins Engines Ltd., Peterborough
Engine detail
Oil engine 6Cyl, (3.7/8 – 5in) 90BHP. – ENGINE number 6345
First owner First port of register Registration date
D. D. Morrell, Wolthorpe, Stamford, Lincs. Greenock
Classic Sailing yacht under £100k - Sail Yacht Sail of Dawn during a regatta - Rolex Cup

Sail Yacht Sail of Dawn during a regatta – Rolex Cup

Laurent Giles – Sails of Dawn – Layout

Sail Yacht

Sail Yacht “Sails of Dawn” at the Malta Shipyard

S/Y Sails of Dawn on the Cover as one of the best example of Laurent Giles Design

Sails of Dawn - Current Status of the Cockpit during refitting work.

Sails of Dawn – Current Status of the Cockpit during refitting work.

Sails of Dawn at the Malta Shipyard

The chromes and finishes of Sails of Dawn at the Malta Shipyard where it is currently laying.

Classic Sailing yacht under £100k

Classic Sailing Yacht for Sale under £100k

Historical Pictures of Sails of Dawn


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Classic Sailing Yacht For Sale under £100k

Historical Pictures of Sails of Dawn