UPDATE: As of December 2019 the owner is actually accepting offers for this Morgan 70 feet – which will be sold as a registered – The engines’ warranty will be started at the time of sale.

This is an off-market opportunity offered exclusively by Rodriquez Consulting. The vessel is ready for sea trial

PLEASE NOTE: The images below refer to the actual boat for sale and are non-professional pictures, these pictures have not been modified or filtered and reflect the status of the boat in Mid October 2017

If you would like to download the original specification sheet of this vessel please use the download bottom below the asking price is the first reference price of the yacht inclusive of warranty.

 To avoid spam, bots,  and filter only genuine enquiries we have set a price per download of £1, if you would like to avoid this charge use the contact us form, leave us your details and we’ll be glad to email you the spec sheet.

Morgan Yacht 70 deck Morgan Yacht 70 wood deck Morgan Yacht 70 price Morgan Yacht 70 price Morgan Yacht 70 price 2 Morgan Yacht 70 price Morgan Yacht 70 hull

Recently we received a phone call that was pleasantly surprising. The Morgan Yacht 70 feet that was almost ready to be launched a few years ago  (and never was) had been brought out of a messy situation involving the bankruptcy of Aicon Yachts and liquidation of its asset.

The Morgan Yacht 70 was originally designed after the smaller sister the Morgan Yacht 130ft initially sold to Ferrari CEO, Cordero di Montezemolo.

A shipyard owner that we trust had been involved in moving the vessel on land and is involved in ‘refreshing’ it as the vessel was covered in the shipyard for quite a few years during the legal issues of Aicon Yacht that had acquired the brand in most recent years.

The vessel represents maybe the last opportunity to acquire a new (under full warranty) Morgan Yacht 70 at a very competitive price in the region of euros 1.1m with 0 hours on the engines and full warranty on all its

Note: The image below refers to another unit (sister ship) of Morgan 70.

Morgan Yacht 70components.

This vessel was proposed well over Euros 1.7m-2.1m (depending on the customization required) in the past. In other words, this is a unique off-market opportunity to acquire a vessel that will surely become a collector’s item.

The Vessel is offered now at a firm price of €1.1M

For more info get in touch   +44 7445 30 86 22

Yachts and even smaller boats are hardly seen in store and although a lot of people were very skeptical about generating real leads from online marketing today it is the primary source of clients and the most effective one in terms of return on marketing spent. Many companies and entrepreneurs in the yachting industry are somewhat confused by the huge offering there is out there for tools and agencies that promise just about anything under the light of day.

Very few agencies (if any) understand the complexities and diversity of the type of clientele that decides to purchase a boat/yacht

or even the more simple requirements that yacht charterers have. In an orderly fashion, we’ll try to pin down for you a clarifying set of points in a bit of a checklist on the process and tools which one should use for marketing yachts online as well as marketing the experience of yachting.

The metrics

Understand the metrics first

Above all, there are very few metrics that will really count and those are:

The amount of visitors and sessions (one visitor can and will do more than one session if interested),  The average time they spend on your website, Your click/visitor acquisition cost, Your CTR (click through rate), Your Website bounce rate,  Your conversion rate and ultimately your (business) closing rate (if your website does not conduct the actual transaction online it will be the leads/closed deals) Before you go ahead and spend any marketing money online you have to make sure you can track your performance so it is fundamental to have the followings at hand. a) A fine tuned Google Analytics installation for your website Google analytics is a free tool to track your visitors, their sessions on your website, their behaviour, the source of traffic and a lot more however, if it is not finely tuned to track the conversions and the lead generation part of your website such as a contact form or enquiry form you are not going to be able to discern effective campaigns from ineffective ones Below is a video example of advanced conversion rate tuning in Google analytics. 


Yacthiting Website Google Analytics tuning and conversion rate optimisation 

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b) Making sure you learn how to read the metrics and filter traffic before you make any changes to your website – You might also want to try to use another tracking tool such as CrazyEgg or HotJar that will actually give you a heat map and click map of what your visitors are doing on your website.

c) Loading speed is a crucial metric (read this post) that can influence all the others, this should be kept always under control and should ideally be under 2sec. If you are using wordpress we highly recommend to choose a solid hosting company such as Siteground we can’t speak highly enough of them.

The Tools

Choose the right tools and make sure you have time and resources to use them correctly: 

There are countless tools you can use to market your yachting business online but using virtually all of them at 10% of the tools potential often equals to spreading your resources to thin and not making the best out your time and budget. Let’s pin down those tools you cannot do without.

  1. Email Marketing Software – We recommend Mailchimp (also see this article) simply because it’s solid and easy to use and gives you a lot of control and monitoring tools for your email campaign
  2. Google Adwords : Google Adwords will serve the purpose of making Search and Display campaigns on the whole Google proprietary network and partner network. It’s fundamental to know how to use it as it is otherwise very easy to waste money with it and pushing ads to a not-that-relevant target market. Do not venture into an Adwords campaign if you don’t have the appropriate conversion tracking on Google Analytics set up and tested (See video above and previous block) – It’s fundamental to have the proper set up for re-marking/re-targetting campaigns because as we all know decisions related to buying or even chartering yachts are far from impulsive and your prospective clients will need to be exposed to your brand more than just once.
  3.  LiveChat if you want to interact more with your visitors (We also wrote a specific article with some case studies on this very specific tool link here)
  4. Social Media management tools such as Hootsuite (All related social media accounts need to be active first) – Posting on Social Media on a regular basis can be incredibly time consuming tools like Hootsuite can help scheduling posts in advance so that they can regularly get posted and monitored.

Strategy Planning and execution

  1. Make a Content plan for your website, for your social media posts and for your email content
  2. Frequency: keep your brand and products/services of on top of mind without being harassing this all comes down to having a well planned frequency of posts, emails, display campaigns, video campaigns and any other type of communication you are putting in place towards the same target market.
  3. A/B test: Testing is crucial you can test email campaigns with A/b testing in Mailchimp, you can test variations of your home page or landing page with Optimizely and you can also A/b test different ads within the context of a display campaign on Adwords, there are new tools for the latter but they imply a certain degree of knowledge of the Adwords platform.

Get your website reviewed

  1. A new pair of eyes on your website will spot things you can’t because you have been looking at it too much or simply because you don’t have enough User Experience expertise,  so get yourself a brand new pair of eyes to review your website and let you have a professional review.
  2. Get you Google Analytics data reviewed by a professional your interpretation might not be the only one on how to improve your presence.
  3. Review the size and weight (in KB) of your images
  4. Test and review Page speed figures and see where the areas of improvement are.
Contact us for a review of your website

It’s 2017 and the world wide web has evolved quite a bit but eBay has been around for over 30 years and it became famous precisely for auctions. Auctions are particularly suitable for boats because unlike cars boats are much harder to price and at times there is a significant difference between a boat theoretical value and the price that a cash-strained owner is ready to accept to part with his/her boat and get rid of the costs that come with owning a vessel.

I know a lot of yachting industry professionals will raise more than a few eyebrows for what we are about to write but here it is:

How to find very good deals for small and medium size boats on eBay and what should you look out for.

First and foremost decide what your actual goal is. If you are not a professional and you think you can buy low and sell high, please make sure you have experience in budgeting and refitting boats because, rest assured, even the most seasoned professionals (and I am not going to mention any major shipyard here to avoid a lawsuit) happens to go wildly out of budget during a new built or a major refit. If you are planning to buy a vessel that you can charter, we have available a Yacht Charter Business plan template you can download

Mostly you will be able to find day cruisers, cuddy cabin cruisers, sky boats and walk around boats, sports fishing boats a few RIBs and quite a few sailboats too.

On Ebay uk you will actually find very interesting boats if you are into classic lines and wooden sailboats with the occasional pearl such as this Sparkman and Stephens we just noticed 

Sparkman & Stephens for sale

In our little guide on how to find a good deal for a boat on Ebay, we would like to help if letting you know what to look at so here is a list of things you want to consider:

Before we get into to technical stuff, think about the location:

The Location

It’s a very important element because it can determine both your travel cost and time it will take to actually go and see the boat but also it can have a major impact on the cost of mooring in the water before you can actually sail the boat to your chosen home port. Furthermore, if you need to do some work before the vessel is seaworthy the current location of the vessel could have a major impact on those costs. Parts for the engine or rigging might be coming from far away and add quite a bit to your budget, as well as you might not have good enough facilities to carry out some specific works to your desired standard of quality or safety.  Budget very carefully if you are purchasing a vessel that can’t really be put on a trailer because moving a yacht on land can be a major expense and might end up costing more than the boat itself.

The Design and the Designer Name 

If you are buying very cheap you might not be able to be to fuzzy about it, however if you are buying a Sparkman & Stephens for example you can rest assured the vessel will retain a certain value among those who appreciate classic yachts or you might even get lucky and find some VIP owners in the history of the boat which might influence the buyer’s decision later on, whenever you’ll decide to sell the vessel.

The Model and the Shipyard

If you are buying a vessel from a very well known shipyard and a very common model you might be able to find forums or small group of owners that might point you in the right direction on common faults or problems that particular model has or that other owners of similar units have experienced, a bit like classic cars. The shipyard instead might have a reputation for solid boats that are good for sailing around the world – some examples; Hallberg-Rassy or Oyster.

Spirit Yacht Wood Boat

Spirit Yacht

The Construction Material/s 

Some construction materials we would just simply reccomend  to stay away from, for instance, Ferro-Cement. I am not going to bore you and explain why in this article. Some mixed constructions are tricky for example steel and aluminium are particularly complicated to join when welding so we would recommend you do your research in terms of what shipyard did it and how those stress points (joints) have put up with time and physical stress.  Let’s also bust a bit of a myth, fiberglass is a safer purchase then wood – we respectfully disagree with those who believe so. Wood is much easier to inspect without the help of a professional surveyor whereas a fibreglass hull with minor signs or initial osmosis can be much harder to detect than a rotten spot of wood. Also, if you plan to go sailing to the west coast of Africa it’s much more likely to find somebody who can repair wood and the supply of such material rather than fibreglass in general.  Carbon and Kevlar are very expensive and tricky to repair  but if you are looking at those you probably already know this. Steel is a great material but it can be subject to a lot more corrosion than you would expect in certain climates, so it’s often a good idea to call in a professional to measure the thickness in several spots of the vessel.  With aluminium you have similar issues as with steel however alluminium requires professionals that are generally harder to find to be fixed properly if need be. One trick is to consider that if you are looking at a fibreglass hull built in 1970 back in those years builders were just starting with fibreglass so your hull could be much more robust than you may think of course this ‘advantage’ would come with a bit more weight so you might need a little more HP on the engine to make up for it, compared to a modern vessel in the same size range and ‘style’.

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We live in the world of quick city escapes and instagram pictures posted but the most exotic destinations ‘consumed’ just like they were a McDonald’s happy meal. All of us who have experienced sailing do know that there is another way to travel. Yes, because there is a significant difference between being a tourist and being a traveller. A sailor is generally a lot more than a traveller rather than a tourist.

The difference is simply in the depth of the experience. A lot of sailors have the dream to sail the world on a budget or to be more accurate sail the world in a financially sustainable way.

Sailing and travelling by sea is a whole different experience compared to taking a plane and checking in in a hotel, it certainly more difficult and it is not for everybody but on the other hand it is life-changing to an extent that a plane trip will hardly ever be [with some exceptions ]. Sailing the world can actually be done on a budget, but how?

Nowadays, technology has allowed people that are not just infinitely wealthy by birth to actually put together a plan to sail around the world and keep doing it extensively for years maintaining a financially sustainable lifestyle.

Until some year ago travelling around the world (comfortably) extensively was something that most people could do after 10,20 or even 30 years of work and savings to be able to afford it, but now, there are several ways to work remotely, monetise content and learn on the go.  Surely, if you have enough accumulated wealth to not worry for rest of your life you won’t need these tips but that’s 1% of the population of the world. Lastly, the age factor, what if you could afford it at 30 years old or earlier rather than at 60 or older, would you not have a little more energy and good health to enjoy the trip and the world?

sailing the world on a budget

These two 20-something Australians have been onboard for years now sailing by more than 30 countries and from the looks of it, we don’t believe they’re going to stop anytime soon.

We really liked Sailing La Vagabonde adventure and their protagonists spontaneity, we are certainly inspired by their work and their adventures and  would recommend our readers to have a look at Sailing La Vagabonde, we are sure there is a bit of inspiration for a lot of us and quite a few practical things to learn about sailing and boating in general.

sailing the world on a budget

Also, because we do know a thing or two about buying, refitting, and managing vessels we would like to add a few of our tips so that you get 8 tips from Riley and Elayna (The couple from the video above)

  1. If you are buying a boat and it is your first one we have a full dedicated guide to buying your first boat , just click this link
  2. Yes, Riley and Elayna are right. Boats are generally less expensive in EU or in the U.S. compared to Australia and one trick to find very very good deal is to scout for auctions (we just published an article about one boat auction ) so don’t forget to sign up to our newsletter.
  3. If you need to do some work to your boat in the U.S. the South of Florida is a great place and in Europe the South of Italy, Turkey and Greece have a long standing marine tradition but also the U.K. and the northern european country are very well skills (might be a little colder)
  4. If you are considering to work remotely as a freelancer regardless of your skills (you could be an engineer and architect or a web developer or graphic designer, writer, video maker or voiceover talent) there are plenty of platforms such as Upwork, PeoplePerHour, and many other to monetise your skills and work remotely
  5. Compared to a few years ago, now there are also a plethora of platforms that will allow you to charter your boat throughout your travels and make money as and when you need them throughout your around-the-world journey. Some examples are Boardaboat.com, BoatSetter.com, BoatBookings.com TheYachtMarket.co.uk YourBoatHoliday.com and many other.

Currently under construction and for sale is the Alurib tender.

This is a very peculiar vessel that can be used like a normal leisure RIB or for more heavy duty uses at diving schools, marine research expeditions, and military applications.


One of the main advantages of a non-inflatable tube is that it provides a large and well distributed storage area.

In our case we are studying a foldable wings system to turn this vessel into a small-size hydrofoil that can serve both the leisure market and the workboat market.

The price range of the vessel depending on the installed power will vary from 150k-250k euros.

Contact us for more details