Yacht Charter Business Plan

The Yacht Charter Business Plan – Now Available for Download –

Planning to buy a yacht to start yacht/boat charter business can be very tricky. There is hardly a one-size-fits-all solution. For this reason we have created a Guide on how to choose your boat (Read this article) and if you are getting serious about wanting to charter your boat/s throughout the year we have developed a customisable Yacht Charter business plan template on Excel (Click here to go to the product) which you can download and customise.

Yet even with a fully developed excel model you can find it tricky to make it work, thus we have decided to include in the price of the Yacht Charter Business Plan Template, a 30-minute consultation so that we can help you get started or check your plan once you have filled it in with your data.

Every area of the world is different and every boat has its own requirements, so among the many things we can check for you is the value of the vessel your expectation as to how many weeks of charter you can expect to sell, the maintenance costs in the area you are planning to keep and/or operate the vessel, your crew costs and many other elements that can make your operations and business successful or not.

Don’t miss the opportunity to have our experienced team check your business plan and advise you on a 1-1 basis on the best way to proceed, choose your boat, manage the vessel and many other aspects of this business.

You could be choosing the yacht charter business as a lifestyle business  or retirement plan or you may be  planning to launch a new concept with innovative features to bring a breath of fresh air to the industry in any case we are available and always happy to help.