sailing the world on a budget

12 Tips to sail the world on a budget – and REALLY travel

We live in the world of quick city escapes and instagram pictures…
October 3, 2017/by Rodriquez Consulting

Under-construction: Alurib Tender + foils

Currently under construction and for sale is the Alurib…
October 3, 2017/by Rodriquez Consulting
World Production Of Yacht 2017

19%-20% Growth Projected for the 2017 Global Yachting Industry

Whereas the total growth of Luxury goods in 2016 grew only of…
September 21, 2017/by Rodriquez Consulting
Mako Sharks in the med

Are there sharks in the Med? The truth about sharks in the Mediterranean sea.

Unlike most people seem to think there are sharks in the mediterranean…
August 16, 2017/by Rodriquez Consulting
Yacht Charter Business Plan

The Yacht Charter Business Plan – Now Available for Download –

Planning to buy a yacht to start yacht/boat charter business…
August 3, 2017/by Rodriquez Consulting
Aicon Yachts bankruptcy auction; new yachts at 90% less - Auction

UPDATE: Aicon Yachts bankruptcy auction – new yachts at 90% less – Auction

UPDATE: The live auctions are starting again as of Sept 2017…
July 27, 2017/by Rodriquez Consulting
Converstion Rate VS Load TIme

Why is page load time so important for your website?

In the industry of boats and especially when we are looking at…
July 26, 2017/by Rodriquez Consulting
Kai lenny foilboard

His name is KAI LENNY and we love him for foiling on a low budget

Yes this is a public declaration of love to Kai Lenny, we love…
July 24, 2017/by Rodriquez Consulting
Aeroboat S6 concept - Rolls Royce + Claydon Reeves

When useless actually means cool Rolls Royce is usually involved

We are not going to apologise for the statement in the title…
July 15, 2017/by Rodriquez Consulting
Rossinavi Pininfarina Aurea 70 meters yacht

Pininfarina teams up with Rossinavi for the AUREA Concept

Please raise your hand if you haven't heard the name Pininfarina…
July 14, 2017/by Rodriquez Consulting
Yacht Boat Valuation

What price should I pay for the boat I want?

A yacht or a boat valuation is no ordinary process and it can…
July 13, 2017/by Rodriquez Consulting

Increasing Conversion Rate From web visitor to prospective customer – relationship building in yachting websites

Increasing the conversion rate on a yacht related website is…
July 6, 2017/by Rodriquez Consulting
Morgan Yacht for sale

The Last New Morgan Yacht 70ft is available to buy 50% off the RRP

Very recently we received a phone call that was pleasantly surprising…
May 31, 2017/by Rodriquez Consulting
How to set-up a Yacht Charter Business

How To set-up a successful yacht charter company

Yes! After many years we have finally given up to the dozens…
May 4, 2017/by Rodriquez Consulting
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