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Yacht Market Research

For all your market data needs on the Yacht Market and its related market segments your company can always rely on us.

Ask us what is your very specific need and we will get back to you with a specific quote.

Yacht Brokers Web Solutions

Are you a Yacht Broker and you are looking for a WordPress platform to syndicate all your boats for sale and charter on most of the international directories automatically. Contact us we have a dedicated WordPress developed solution specific for Yacht Brokers for your needs. Sell and Charter more while spending less time creating listings, and uploading them.

Training & Technical Consulting

Whether you need a training package for your sales and marketing team or customer service team or technical consulting on the purchase or sale of a vessel or to develop a new product for the Yacht industry our experienced team will be there to support you.

Please use this form to give us more details so we can schedule a preliminary consultation free of charge. 

Design & Engineering

Whether you are developing a new yacht or passenger ship we can help with a different approach as opposed to design-only firm we take into account the market and the market value of each design and engineering decision. In over 100 years Rodriquez was able to scout, attract and in some cases develop entire careers of some of the most talented naval engineers and naval architect. Aside from our in-house team we constantly grow our pool of promising technical talent often more efficient and innovative by nature, pair the younger spirit and enthusiasm with experience and knowledge and you can contract us for yacht/ship engineering and/or design work task and expect better great results at very competitive rates.

Please use this form to give us more details so we can schedule a preliminary consultation free of charge. 

Who We Are

Rodriquez Consulting is an international business strategy firm established in London, UK since 2004, by Leopoldo Rodriquez.

Our expertise comes from unique hands on experience, built through four generations of entrepreneurs in shipbuilding, marine transportation, banking and finance, technology and the hospitality industry.

The Rodriquez family founded, managed and acquired successful companies in several industries such as: high speed marine transportation vessels (SNAV), yacht and ship builders (RODRIQUEZ CANTIERI NAVALI), banking former CREDITO SICILIANO (now part of Unicredit) Luxury yachts (BAGLIETTO, MORGAN YACHTS) hospitality industry (HOTEL GARDEN – Vulcano, Sicily), Technology (World’s second Crowd funding platform BeautyHolding)

All of our partners and associates are experts in their field and most of them have actively conducted business successfully in within their specific area of expertise.

Yacht Shows and Project Management

Whether it’s refitting an old lady or designing and building a new Yacht to be exhibited at an International Boat Show. Rodriquez Consulting is a partner you can rely on with a team of expert which will help yours throughout the whole process.

  • Accurate Planning and Budgeting
  • Logistics and supplier selection – only those companies that are we trust
  • Customer Relation Management
  • Preliminary financial checks on contractors viablility
  • Accurate execution where no details are left to chance

Our History

Rodriquez Consulting LTD. is the outcome of four generations of entrepreneurs dating back to 1887. The Rodriquez family (See Carlo Rodriquez in the image ) brought to the Milan stock exchange one the very first privately owned shipyard in Europe. (Rodriquez Cantieri Navali). The Rodriquez’ history of entrepreneurship dates back to more than 120 years so we can proudly say that business runs with the blood*.
*Leopoldo Rodriquez
We now retain clients in the technology, yacht building, marine supplies, and private aviation. New challenges are in our DNA.
Carlo R.

Cavaliere del Lavoro – Carlo Rodriquez

  • Knowledge - Our process starts here

    Whether it is our Market Analysis or understanding the client essential needs and goals our process starts always from knowledge.

    We like to think that we empower our clients and give them a competitive edge with market knowledge

  • Calibration

    Calibrating budget with priorities is always essential before we propose a solution.

    Ergo this is our second step regardless of the size of the project it’s our commitment to give the best possible output.

  • Innovation

    Whether is a technical matter or a business matter we think out of the box and we like to hear our clients say

    “We hadn’t thought of it” or “We didn’t think it was possible within our budget”. It’s only through innovative thinking that one reaches success and competitive advantage or no competition at all.

  • Accurate Execution

    Over 90% of start-up fail on execution and often even larger companies fail to execute timely and accurately.

    We apply innovation, agile project management methodology and hard work to execute or train executives with the utmost care and attention to every single detail. Only if nothing is left to chance we can exceed expectations


Years of Rodriquez in Shipbuilding

Web & Mobile Solutions

A good entrepreneur is the one the anticipate market trends. Since the inception of commercial internet business Rodriquez has been involved in variety of projects gathering in-depth technical and business knowledge on the technology and the business side of web-based businesses. The Yachting industry needed more web innovation and Rodriquez Consulting put its expertise to work.

Check out our  Web specific Solutions for Yacht and Marine Industry professionals who heavily rely on the web and don’t forget to subscribe to our Web newsletter filled with valuable web marketing and web management information. 

Our Clients Say

Bryan Emerson

This is a well-connected, knowledgeable and trustworthy international team of professionals. I enjoyed working with them on one transaction and hope that we will collaborate often in the future.

Bryan EmersonPresidentStarlight Capital
Camilla Chavez

“..truly an authority on anything that sails! They know the yachting and boating industry inside out – from the technical details to marketing. I would easily recommend them.”

Camilla ChavezMarin SoftwareProfessional Profile
Fabio Contillo

I had the pleasure to work with Leopoldo Rodriquez in a Design Team and I would like to repeat an experience like that anytime: open-mind proposal, clear knowledge of marketing elements, vital benchmarking analysis. Well skilled Strategic Advisors with enthusiastic capabilities.

Fabio ContilloYacht Designer - Carbon Cube 36ft, BY 136ftLinkedin
Luciano Bregola

I have worked with Rodriquez Consulting for the start up of Aicon subsidiary in USA, the  support provided was vital to the the team in Italy and always detailed and fast information were supplied to support the top management decision making process during a fast-paced IPO period.

Luciano BregolaCEO - Isa YachtIsa Yachts
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